A Thought On Voting…

Okay, let’s say we all agree that Russian hacking played a part in the outcome of the most recent “election”.  The corporate media seems focused on the idea that the hacking began and ended with releasing damning information about Hillary (without, I’ve noticed, any mention of why there was so much damning information about Hillary to be had) but I’ve heard little to no talk on the question of hacking into the voting machines and flipping votes.

We KNOW that it can be done easily.  We saw how insecure the machines are after Bush 43 was installed by vote flipping in the voting machines.  It’s possible to find videos on the web to this day that demonstrate how easily these machines can be manipulated.  Although much of the focus tends to be on some random person getting their hands on a device that lets one person vote many – perhaps hundreds of – times, they usually include an acknowledgement that the actual network the machines are connected to can be hacked – meaning one person could affect the outcomes on hundreds of machines in a relatively short time.

Our government tends to downplay the notion that the machines are so vulnerable.  It seems they’re hesitant to – get this – undermine the public faith in American “elections”.  But government confidence-building notwithstanding, the machines can be manipulated so easily it’s almost child’s play.  Each county gets to pick it’s own voting equipment and there are a wide variety of machines being used but they all share the same vulnerability.

As a result, I suggest we, the people, develop our own, new way of voting.  It’s actually quite simple.  First, apply for an absentee ballot.  Fill it out at your leisure, in your own home.  In fact, you can have voting parties.  See, the concept of a private vote is to ensure your privacy but it’s not an obligation.  You can sit around with family and friends and discuss each issue and candidate and mark your ballots accordingly.

Then, on election day, take your ballot to your polling place.  TRY to participate in an exit poll.  This process will do two things; one, it will create a paper trail “election” officials seem unwilling to create these days.  Two, it will show, via the exit poll, how accurately the vote totals are being counted.

I know our corporate dis-infotainment machine says exit polling may not be accurate.  Do yourself a favor, don’t ever let anyone convince you that’s true.  I mean, logically, could it be true that exit polling is only inaccurate in America and only during Presidential “elections”?  Exit polling is the gold standard of polling.  It’s how poll watchers the world over ensure the integrity of votes anywhere there might be a question regarding the legitimate outcome of an election – like, sadly, the United States of America.

If our “election” officials won’t create a paper trail, we create our own via absentee ballots.  If the exit poll numbers conflict with the results we can easily do a recount using the paper ballots we created.  Yes, it will most likely slow down the counting and delay the announcement of winners and losers.

I’ll tell you this: I’d MUCH rather get accurate information slowly than get inaccurate information quickly…

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