I hear George Zimmerman, the guy who stalked, provoked, and then murdered Trayvon Martin, is suing the Martin family for $100 million dollars.  Apparently, even though he was acquitted in one of Florida’s Kangaroo Courts, people still have an opinion about what he did – and it isn’t a nice opinion.

Zimmerman says he feels ostracized, like people continue to think he got away with murder.  And all because he got away with murder.  Wow.  The indignity.  Zimmerman’s “lawyer” is a guy named Larry Klayman.  He’s a right-wing nut ball and the founder of Judicial Watch, a web site for right wing nut balls.

It’s classic conservatism.  First, you get away with murder utilizing backward Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, even though it was Trayvon standing HIS ground against an unknown assailant, THEN you decided that, hey, maybe there’s a way to profit from this, too…

Personally, I hope George Zimmerman feels the burn of societal judgement for the rest of his dark days…


ALL patriotic Americans are following the impeachment process as it plays out.  Conservatives are hiding from it, waiting for Fox “News” to tell them what happened – whether it happened or not.  It’s rather a stunning act of cowardice, from my point of view.  I suspect they KNOW, on some level, Trump is guilty of trying to bribe a foreign country into meddling in an American “election” so they dare not risk hearing the actual evidence.  It’s hard enough to maintain the pretense of Trump’s “innocence” as it is…

ALL patriotic Americans expect the process to be nullified by the corrupt conservatives in the Senate.

But Senate dishonor cannot bestow honor on the personification of pride, envy, gluttony, lust, avarice, wrath, and sloth that is the criminal Donald (“Donnie Dumbass”) Trump…


I’m told from time to time that calling conservatives stupid only makes them more determined to vote Trump so we shouldn’t do it.

I know it’s rude, so I won’t.  But if they don’t want me to think of them as stupid, they shouldn’t give me so much evidence to support my supposition…

Will He or Won’t He?

Okay, spoiler alert!  Donnie Dumbass said he might testify at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on his criminal behavior.  I don’t know about you but I waited on pins and needles wondering if he might actually show up and, if so, what brilliant piece of information he has hiding in his back pocket that would clear his oh-so-sullied name.

In a surprise move, Trump made the cowardly decision to hide rather than try to prove his innocence…

Alas, it was not to be.  After what, for him, is considered careful review, he declined.  He whined that the process is “unfair.”  His “lawyer du jour,” Pat Cipollone, whined that Bill Clinton had a fairer hearing in 1998.  Why, yes, this WOULD be the same Bill Clinton the Republicans impeached with no crime at all!  Totally fair!

Listen, I get it.  I know that if I stood accused of some crime (or in the fair case of Clinton, no crime at all) and held the perfect evidence to prove my innocence, the very first thing I would do is circle the wagons and refuse to participate because I can question the fairness of the process, instead.  Personally, I’ve ALWAYS been astounded that laws can be negated just by saying the process is unfair.  It seems like rather a fixable loophole.  Still, Trump invoking the “Meanie-pants” defense is going to be hard to overcome.

So…feel free to go on about your business.  Donnie isn’t going to testify, after all.  The rest of us will just have to make our decision based on all of the other witnesses who DID testify that Donald Trump, using assets of the United States of America, tried to bribe a foreign national into helping him personally…

Guilt, Guiltless, and Beguiled…

So…Gordon Sondland now stands accused of inappropriate behavior with three different women, once in 2003, once in 2008, and again in 2010.  Did he do it?  Who knows.  He said/she said.  If he did, he should pay the appropriate price, whatever that may be.  But…

Doesn’t the timing seem just a bit suspicious to you?  Only after Sondland makes clear he was working Trump’s Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine he get accused of bad behavior?  My first notice was from ProPublica, an ostensibly left-leaning outlet.  But left-leaning outlets can be wrong, too.  More, left-leaning outlets might be a little TOO quick to accept junk during an investigation.  Remember Dan Rather?  He had a solid story that Bush 43 is a deserter but fell for fake documents to back the story up.  Too quick.  Story dead.  (Bush 43 is still a deserter, though, imho…)

Maybe ProPublica has been taken in.  Maybe not.  Maybe Sondland did as charged.  But I’m certain that Gordon Sondland’s misbehavior has zero affect on his testimony under oath: “Was there a Quid Pro Quo?  The answer is yes!”


I’ve been thinking about  our harsh and brutal society, recently.  One of the messages that plays over and over is that ours is a world of winners and losers.  We focus mightily on the winners.  But what about the losers?

If you’re great at business deals – or just a great con-man – you get to be in the “winner” category.  But what if you’re too honest or just bad at such things?  Do those people deserve to suffer?  Can our society REALLY not do ANYTHING to help people who can’t help themselves?

Many philosophies teach balance in all things.  If that’s a correct position, then for every “winner” there has to be a “loser”, yes?  We’ve all heard about the guy who finds a priceless art work at a garage sale and makes a mint.  What about the schmoe who sold the piece, not realizing what it was?  No, I don’t think he should be cut in.  I’m thinking a guy like that might well have gone through his entire life making choices like that – selling the priceless art work in a garage sale for five or ten bucks.

I think our society is rife with people like that – people with a lifetime of poor choices and mistakes dogging their today.  I know it’s a “wouldn’t it be great” concept but I think our society should pay more attention to the people who LOSE in deals…


I have a friend who poses a question from time to time.  He asks, since semi-automatic weapons have existed for over 100 years but mass shootings are a relatively new phenomenon, what changed?  I have an answer for him.  He’s conservative in his politics and a gun rights advocate so I don’t think he’ll LIKE my answer but I think I’m correct.  What changed?

The radicalization of the right by corporate media.

The conservative bubble spends massive amounts of time, money, and energy making sure the conservative base stays worked up; angry and afraid.
“They’re coming to take your guns.”
“They’re coming to take your jobs.”
“They think you’re stupid.”
“They want to destroy Christmas.”
“They say you’re a racist.”
“They want to make you a slave.”

It’s no wonder people get angry and set out to “defend” themselves.  None of those things are true, of course, but the consumers of the conservative bubble will not accept any information from outside the bubble and those message just keep repeating – so they don’t KNOW the messages are false and they get angry.

So that’s my answer.  That’s what changed.

The radicalization of the right…

Dunces and Boobs…

So, according to my limited survey, when it comes to the impeachment inquiry hearings there are two groups in this once-great nation: people who understand that Donald Trump DID commit the crimes he stands accused of committing – and conservatives.  This is because when it comes to the impeachment inquiry hearings there are two groups: those who watched and/or listened to the testimony –  that is, paid attention to the actual witnesses testifying under oath – and conservatives – who preferred to wait until Fox “News” (or whichever of their surrogates) told them how to feel.

I heard the Armstrong and Getty show the other day.  I’m paraphrasing but one of them was asking, if a person truly believed that Trump and tinkle-down economics was the truth, the light, and the way, why WOULDN’T a person lie to defend it?  They even pondered whether it might be a moral obligation to lie to defend a position, assuming one truly believed Voodoo Economics might someday work and Trump is probably the guy to make it happen.  There was a bit of back and forth on the topic and NONE of those Einsteins could refute the question.  (Yes, I’m clear that defending fraudulent conservative positions is their job…)

There’s an answer.  It’s an honest answer whether conservatives like it or not.  It applies whether conservatives confess it or not.  This is a life rule:

ANY position that relies on falsehood for it’s defense doesn’t deserve to be defended…


I served in the United States Air Force.  I’m proud of my military service but I’m not a Hoo-Ra, Gung-ho vet.  I only did four years…during peacetime.  (Although Reagan DID invade that tiny island with the rusted guns…)  I’m VERY aware many other military members contributed FAR more.  So, proud, yes, but it doesn’t define me.

From time to time, though, I find myself a bit surprised when the “military man” in me gets riled up by something.  A recent example?  Donnie Dumbass “impulsively” (read: likely on orders from Putin) decided to pull American troops back in Syria.  He CLAIMS he’s getting America out of “forever wars” but actually just redeploys them to a different theater of combat: Saudi Arabia – so Americans can die defending the King instead of Saudis.  The order was so unexpected and implemented SO quickly, American troops grabbed what they could but left the installations intact.

A couple of days pass.  ISIS fighters are escaping from jails and the Turks are killing Kurds and driving them away.  FINALLY, Trump realizes he has left oil supplies undefended in the area (the ultimate sin in this once-great nation) and sends troops back in to protect the oil.  But in the meantime?

Russian troops have captured and occupied American military installations!

I don’t care if you’re left or right.  If you’ve ever worn the uniform are you pissed off?  The Commander-in-Chief of the American military has just handed over American military installations – voluntarily – to the Russians, Syrians, and ISIS fighters we’ve been fighting this whole time.  American soldiers have died over there and Donnie Dumbass just…walks away.

The fact that he might be just a fucking idiot is the very BEST possibility to explain this perfidy.  But I have YET to see Trump defy the wishes of Putin.  Hillary was right: Trump IS Putin’s puppet.

If you think I’m wrong about the bases, I’d like to hear opinions on why but in this case, I’d like you to begin your response with your service dates.  I understand that a lifelong civilian might not “get” what the big deal is.  I do NOT understand how a person who wore the uniform could ever justify such betrayal…


I keep hearing about which of the Democratic candidates is doing well or not doing well with the African-American community.  I suspect it’s a media-driven “issue.”  It seems like a back-handed “concern,” to me.  Could blacks in this once-great nation ever be more concerned by any of the Democratic candidates than they are by Trump?

Trump is openly racist.  He publicly and proudly calls White Supremacists “very good people.”  (Sidebar: the very BEST evidence against “White Supremacy” is White Supremacists…)  He has a guy working for him, Stephen Miller, who actively promotes white nationalist literature and racist propaganda.

My guess is that the black community knows that white people might empathize but will NEVER be able to fully understand the black experience in this country.  The idea that one of the candidates or the other might not fully “get it” is just an inevitable part of the package but I’d bet there’s no confusion about who represents the truest threat to African American advancement in the United States…


And, finally…boobies!

It seems a woman and her husband were working in their own garage putting up drywall, which, in this case, included installing fiberglass insulation.  For anyone who has never been around the stuff, fiberglass can be VERY uncomfortable to the skin.  It itches and manages to stay around FAR longer than anyone wants.

So, the couple took off their shirts, ostensibly in an effort to remove the fiberglass from their skin.  From the article: “When her stepchildren, aged 9, 10 and 13, walked in, she “explained she considers herself a feminist and wanted to make a point that everybody should be fine with walking around their house or elsewhere with skin showing,” her lawyers wrote in court documents, The Associated Press reports.”

Not from the article: it seems possible, to me, she got caught in an embarrassing moment and put on a brave face with the only explanation she could think of at the time…

But now she faces charges.  (Apparently, the ex-wife saw an opportunity to “get” the current wife…)  The consequence is possible jail time, fines, and having to register as a sex offender for the next 10 years.  HE wasn’t charged with anything…

There’s a LOT here.  On the one hand, women should not be barred from being topless under any circumstances unless men are, too.  (You know, no shoes, no shirt, no service…)  On the other hand, there’s a movement out there called ‘Free the Nipple‘ that advocates a woman’s right to be bare chested and suggests that sexualizing breasts is an inappropriate response.  And there’s the rub…if you will.  I see that as a philosophical position with no practical application.  Women’s breasts ARE sexualized in our culture by both men AND women.  The very best, I think, women can hope for is that men won’t behave like animals.  (But they will ’cause we are…)

Apparently, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals agrees, rightly in my opinion, that women should not be punished for being topless in public.  How could it possibly be worse to be topless in the privacy of one’s own home?  I can’t help but notice, though, that the 13 year old who came out into the garage is a boy.  Like it or not, step-moms breasts are going to fuel 13-year-old-boy’s…um…private imaginings for years into the future.  I feel certain he wasn’t “harmed,” though…

It’s quite the conundrum…

Donnie Spew – Testimony Edition…

Donnie Dumbass is at it again.  Apparently, he tweeted this morning that he’ll consider testifying in the impeachment probe.

If I were a betting man, I’d bet he won’t.

But he DID just try to give conservatives a new talking point Americans are going to have to push back against.  It won’t slow the process but it WILL slow the public debate.

Of course, Pelosi has whipped him again.  She has agreed to let him.

He’ll back down from the “consideration” by dinner.  The Don of the Trump Crime Family is a coward who, it seems, CAN NOT tell a truth.


Apparently, enforcing the law enrages Trumpsters…

“You’re just making people vote for Trump.”  I hear this from time to time.  I guess it’s supposed to be some kind of manipulation.  “Stop saying mean things about me or the Trump crime family or I’ll vote for him again!”

It’s kind of a stupid line.  If the police investigate a bank robbery, are they just forcing you to rob a bank?  Did you steal from your boss because you discovered a grand jury investigation into embezzlement somewhere?  So, how does investigating the crimes Trump has committed FORCE YOU to vote Trump?

No, you’ve made a choice.  It’s a tough choice to enforce, too.  In order to maintain your pretense that there’s something – anything – decent and honest about Donald J. Trump, you have to force your head so far up the conservative bubble you can’t even breathe anymore.  But it’s a price you’re willing to pay, I know.  (In fact, the lack of oxygen to the brain probably makes it even easier to stay safely in the cocoon of the conservative bubble…)

The trumpsters are NOT watching the hearings.  IF they “know” anything about the process, they’ve heard it from some opinion-monger, free to say anything.  My current understanding is that nothing – and I mean nothing – will sway those who have put their faith in stubborn, false pride.

I get it.  You thought you saw something in the guy.  Great.  But when it became clear he was something other than advertised, you stuck with it because you had already pronounced yourself dedicated…

I’ve seen that kind of thing before.  Some people think they can’t ever go back and review a decision they’ve made because it might make them look weak.  You look FAR weaker in being unable to admit error than in staying the erroneous course…


For the record, I’m pretty sick of the official arm of the Democratic party telling me that people really want somebody who will do nothing – the incremental, baby steps model – and that Americans calling for change are “too far left.”  When did the concept of America doing what’s best for the largest number of Americans become an idea that’s “too far left?”

I know, we’re stuck with whomever the DNC foists upon us.  But don’t lie to us and pretend it’s “what people want.”  If the people had been interested in a do-nothing, incremental, baby steps President, Hillary would be in the Oval Office right now.

The lie gave us Donald Trump…


Roger Stone – one of Trump’s closest friends and advisors – has been convicted of all 7 counts he was facing.  It only took the jury a few hours to decide.  His conviction throws Trump’s written testimony to Congress into question…because, apparently, Trump lied – in writing!

Liar, liar, pants on fire…

Here’s a bit of nuance: the Constitution of the United States – the document that once defined this country and still might – says the President enjoys the absolute right of Pardons – except in cases of impeachment.  (Emphasis mine.)  THAT, I think, is why Nancy Pelosi initially called her inquiry an “impeachment inquiry.”  Trump started tossing out the promise of Pardons as an inducement to his cronies to carry out their tasks, legal or not.  Invoking the i word blocks him.

Stone seemed, to me, to be a little too relaxed when found guilty.  My guess (it’s not clever. It’s everyone’s guess.) is that he’s counting on one of those awesome Presidential Pardons to make this all go away.

I’d like to see Nancy bring it back into the impeachment inquiry, now that we know Trump lied in his statements, so that Trump can’t pardon Stone…


Prince Andrew went on television in England to “explain” about his relationship with convicted child molester Jeffery Epstein.  You just KNOW the royal house had meeting after meeting trying to decide how best to spin the story.  They went with “I don’t recall.”  I wonder how much money was spent working up THAT brilliant defense.  Here, I can help:

Andrew Girl and Madam
Prince Andrew with his “conquest” and Epstein’s Madam at Epstein’s house.

Andrew DID allow that it was likely poor optics (my words) to continue the relationship with Epstein after his initial conviction as a pedophile.  You think?  But let’s get real, here.  Who ELSE was going to fix the pervert Andrew up with all those underage girls?  I mean really, what choice did Andrew have?  Well, yeah.  He COULD have tried relationships with women his own age but, apparently, he wasn’t up to that challenge…

As a sidebar, EVERY story I’ve seen about Epstein has included a reference to a woman named Ghislaine Maxwell.  (Jizz lane?  Really?)  I want to know why she isn’t in jail.  By all accounts, she’s the one who groomed the girls Epstein and Andrew raped but never met and don’t recall.  Why hasn’t she even been charged with anything?


In an unexpected development, Trump went to the hospital for an unexpected and unannounced check-up yesterday.  Of course, the White House “spin” is that this is just his regular check up, no big deal.  Maybe it is.  Trump has always announced his other checkups in his schedule, though.  Oh, and the claim is that Trump just took advantage of “a free weekend” to get started on his annual physical.

Two things: One, I didn’t know the US President HAD “free weekends.”  (Hell, the work schedule is the ONE reason I’ve never sought the job!  It might interfere with my golf…)  Two, really?!?  This is a “free weekend” for Trump?  This weekend during the impeachment hearings when all of the testimony under oath says Trump did the crimes he’s accused of committing?

Okay, maybe it’s a free weekend and an unannounced, unscheduled start to a physical.  But maybe it’s all those “hamberders” catching up to a fat, old man under serious stress…

A Public Service…

The criminal Trump calls for foreign governments to intervene in American elections by investigating Joe Biden and his son.  Publicly.  What a dumbass…

Donald J. Trump, ostensible President of the United States, broke the law and keeps breaking the law.  He’s a criminal, a lawbreaker, an offender, a villain, a malefactor.  He’s a culprit, a wrongdoer, a sinner; a fraudster, a swindler, a conman, a miscreant.  It’s not a secret.  He did it on national television, fercrissakes…  But, I still get challenged by my conservative brethren from time to time, “WHAT LAW?!?!?!”  (You have to read it like that…)  So, as a public service, here you go:

United States Code, Title 52 section 30121, paragraph a.1.A and a.2.

“§ 30121. Contributions and donations by foreign nationals (a) Prohibition It shall be unlawful for—(1) a foreign national, directly or indirectly, to make—(A) a contribution or donation of money or other thing of value, or to make an express or implied promise to make a contribution or donation, in connection with a Federal, State, or local election; (B) a contribution or donation to a committee of a political party; or (C) an expenditure, independent expenditure, or disbursement for an electioneering communication (within the meaning of section 30104(f)(3) of this title); or (2) a person to solicit, accept, or receive a contribution or donation described in subparagraph (A) or (B) of paragraph (1) from a foreign national.”

That’s the law, right there, although I’ve emphasized the relevant points.  It’s important to remember, I’m no lawyer.  This is certainly NOT an exhaustive “list.”  This would only be ONE count.  (Perhaps his request to China constitutes a second count.)  But violating this law gave Congress every right to investigate, at least as far as the Constitution of the United States is concerned – meaning it’s NOT a “witch hunt.”  Every time Trump tells one of his minions not to respond to Congressional subpoenas, he’s committing Obstruction.  (That’s one count, two counts, three counts, etc.)

I’m very aware that the opinions inside the conservative bubble ALL say something else.  But…opinions being what they are (um…useless) it’s more important to note that people are NOT free to pretend anything they want when they’re under oath.  So the opinion-mongers of the conservative bubble (people free to lie) all say Donnie Dumbass is being unfairly maligned but the witnesses testifying under oath (facing possible penalties for perjury) have pretty much agreed Trump did what he’s accused of doing.

So conservatives can no longer honestly argue that Donnie didn’t break the law.  You CAN argue that Presidents can do whatever they want, including breaking the law.  But be forewarned: you’re arguing that ANY President can do whatever he or she wants, including breaking the law – even a DemocRAT President.  Future protestations that some DemocRAT President broke the law will go unheard.  Besides, with the help of the conservative base, the system will have been SO broken by Donnie that no mechanism will exist to intervene.  Thanks for that, conservatives.  (And make no mistake: history will forever record that it was conservatives who brought down the United States…)

For my part?  I don’t want ANY Presidents to be allowed to break the law.  I don’t care which party they pretend to represent…


One of the ways the conservative bubble is trying to gin up anger amongst it’s consumers is pretending that impeaching trump over his crimes is really just trying to overturn the will of the people.  They keep reminding Trump supporters that they voted for Trump (duh!) without reminding those same supporters that MORE Americans voted against Trump, peculiarities of the Electoral College notwithstanding.

So…technically, even if the true and only goal of the impeachment was about overturning the 2016 “election” – it isn’t – it IS in keeping with the wishes of the majority of Americans…


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