The So-Called Corner Office…

Today, just for today, I’m kind of laughing at our so-called POTUS.

It struck me in the wee hours of this morning that what we’re seeing with this flurry of poorly written, not vetted Executive Orders is the result of decades of false information that government should be “run like a business”.  It doesn’t bother me that the conservative rank and file buy into that fraudulent message but the President is supposed to know better.

Government isn’t run like a business and it shouldn’t be.  That’s because government has a different role in civilization than a business or even a household.  (I used to run my kids out of my favorite chair using the term ‘Eminent Domain’ but a household still runs more like a business than a government…)

Now, I know that when the corporate media feeds the ‘government like a business’ message into the conservative bubble, they only mean that government should have a balanced budget.  But even that’s not as important in a government as it is in your business.  (No, I’m not arguing in favor of deficit spending, merely pointing out that a government can get away with spending more than they have easier than a business…)  The fact is, the main thing business and government have in common is the word ‘budget’.  After that, pretty much everything is different.

But the so-called POTUS doesn’t seem to know it.  That might explain why he keeps issuing edicts – apparently scribbled out over in the corner by his little racist sidekick – and expecting them to be carried out.  (It does not explain why he then holds them up like a five-year old showing off his macaroni art.  Perhaps he’s expecting praise for successfully writing his name?)

Apparently, he actually sees himself as the CEO of a company called The United States of America, inc.  He expresses “his vision” and expects people to do as they’re told.  He doesn’t care if his orders anger people and he doesn’t expect to be challenged.  (Hmm, come to think of it, there IS a form of government that operates that way.  It’s called a dictatorship.  Not good, bigly…)

In what appears to be an attempted return to Nixon’s “when a President does it, it’s not illegal”, this maladministration actually argued before the Ninth Circuit Court that the judicial branch has no right to second guess the executive.  Well, guess what, Cubby?  Not only do they have the right, it’s their job.  (Please have someone read you a little thing called the Constitution.  And I mean it.  Please.  Have someone read it to you.)  Turns out, business is easier than governance…

The GOP controls both houses of Congress and they don’t seem inclined to “notice” the violations of precedent, protocol, the law, or even logic emanating from this White House so long as it’s “their team” in control.  For his part, the so-called POTUS hasn’t seemed to notice the giant rubber stamp sitting just up the road and it seems it hasn’t crossed his so-called mind that he could use Congress to get what he wants.  Let’s hope nobody tells him…

I’ll tell you this: I’ve been a bit butt-clinched since January 20 worried about the next crazy thing the so-called POTUS might pull out of his…um…the air…amid concerns that our checks and balances seem to be on life support while a set of tiny little fingers tries to pull the plug once and for all and I was pretty relieved to see the courts do their job.  So today, just for today, I’m kind of laughing at our so-called POTUS…

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