So…Dumb Donald posted what he called a contract on his website during the campaign that promised he was going to accomplish certain things in his first 100 days.  Then, when he realized he failed at pretty much all of it, he just said the first 100 days didn’t matter and that it was an artificial benchmark.  (Technically, this is correct.  It’s really only a measure of how prepared a person was to take the office in the first place.)  By now, you’ve no doubt heard that he held a rally to tell his zealots that his first 100 days were the best first 100 days ever.  This was done in the same way he insisted he’d had the biggest crowd ever at his inauguration or that he had saved jobs he didn’t save.

So, why doesn’t dumb Donald just say he’s accomplished everything he said he was going to accomplish?  He could just declare that there now exists, say, an unbroken 400 foot wall that runs from the Gulf to the Pacific.  It would save HUGE amounts of money.  Sure, there’s always the risk that one of his supporters might actually wander down to the border and discover a distinct lack of wall but he’d just pound his own head with a brick until he saw a wall and all would be well again.  The devotees WILL believe.  Apparently, they have no choice.

He could tell all of his beloved but unemployed coal workers they’ve been working again for, I don’t know, three weeks.  They might wonder where they’ve been working but they dare not contradict the man.  If he says they’ve been working for three weeks, by Jove, they’ve been working for three weeks.

He could declare he has already repealed and replaced!  Just leave the Affordable Care Act in place and insist it IS the replacement.  The believers will believe.

I’ll tell you this: if he would just leave things pretty much alone and simply insist he had solved all the problems, the disciples will feel much better about everything and thinking people can get back to living their quiet little lives…

2 thoughts on “Alt-Reality…

  1. I think that is what he will do at the end of year two, then drop the mic and walk away. America IS great again! Mission accomplished.


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