“New” Budget, Same Old Goals…

Well, here come the Republicans…again!  They’ve sort of left subtlety aside at this point and proposed just about every fever-dream concept they’ve ever desired in this new “proposal”.  The more they can offer the privileged elite (increasingly meaning: “themselves”), the better.  The crueler, more vicious they can be to already struggling Americans, the better.  Now, all they need is a name…

You know what I mean.  Somewhere along the way, politicians started naming their bills in ways that were supposed to entice supporters.  Commonly, the names did exactly the opposite of what the bill promised so, for example, you got ‘The Patriot Act’, which did more to undermine the Constitution than any other single law I can think of (in this moment).

But, according to my source – have I mentioned that I have a source?  He/She/It/We/They communicates with me telepathically.  In keeping with the established tradition of giving one’s sources super-duper, clever “code names”, I call mine ‘Behind the Green Door’…

Anyway, based on what I’m getting from ‘Behind’, it’s my understanding that the GOP has realized there’s no need to play the opposite game anymore.  They’ve realized that no matter how completely “Trickle Down Economics” is proven a false concept – no matter how thoroughly it fails –  the rank and file will still line up, again and again, in full-throat support, “Please, sir, may I have another?”

So…at least no more “Breitbull” about what the GOP is planning when it comes to naming bills.  They STILL focus-group test the options to identify the name preferred by the rank and file, though, so they haven’t settled on anything, yet, but my understanding is that the leading candidate for the name of the current budget bill is: ‘Subsistence Living And Vocational Expatriation System’ or SLAVES.

SLAVES have been the goal of conservatives since…well, since we got rid of slaves.  With this new budget proposal, they’re pretty sure they’re taking a positive step in the right – the FAR  right – direction…

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