Another Dem “Win”…

Hey, the Democrats won again!  Okay, so their candidate doesn’t get to go to Congress, which I count as a loss but THEY seem to think coming in a close second in a two-horse race is the same as a win…because they lost by a smaller margin than they expected to lose by.  Nice.  I predict they’re going to continue to lose, too, or, win without gaining the prize…

I have to say, if your hard-on for ripping on Bernie has continued for more than four months, it’s REALLY time to see a doctor.  Bernie offered, has offered, is offering, the solution: speak to worker and progressive values.  The DNC has preferred the more-of-the-same, incremental baby steps approach that has served them so well…

Currently, there’s no home for progressives and it shows at the polls.  Conservatives have the Republicans and/or the Libertarians.  Those two seem to have merged, though, so now they might be called the “Republitarians.”  Democratic Party loyalists will still support the Democrats even though the Dems have moved to a center/right position.  That’s all of the major parties defending conservative values to one degree or another but the Dems won’t commit fully so they’re not pulling conservatives and they’re alienating progressives.  It’s no good.  Sure, there’s the Green Party but the Greens seem to think they can Kumbaya their way to victory and most people don’t buy that, either.

I’ll tell you this: SOMEBODY needs to invite progressives back to the party, if you will.  It’s not going to happen with more Neoliberal bullshit.  If the Dems want progressives back, they’re going to have to include progressive values and bring progressive ideas into play.

Or, they can just keep collecting those second-place “participant” trophies…

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