The Burnin’ Bannon Question…

Well?  IS Trump going to dump Steve Bannon?  My conservative friends all “know” about the “editorial choices” made by the so-called “Mainstream Media.”  None of them seem to realize the editors inside the conservative bubble are ALSO making choices.  Mostly, those choices manifest in what they DON’T print but there’s also a steady diet of propaganda, these days referred to as “fake news.”

At some point, Bannon thought he’d found his ideological equal in Sarah Palin but, for some reason, decided she was not, after all, the individual he sought.  (It was probably just…oh, gosh, everything, really…)  His next “find” turned out to be Donald Trump.  By that time, he had taken control over the conservative website known as Breitbart.  Apparently, he benefited wildly from Andrew Breitbart’s unexpected and untimely death at age 43.  Did Bannon kill Breitbart in order to gain control of the site and convert it from an entertainment oriented site into the far right propaganda tool it is today?  (No, I don’t think so, either, but if conservatives get to claim every person who has ever met a Clinton and then died was murdered by them, why can’t I imply similar innuendo?)

Anyway, once Bannon had set his sights on Trump, became an enthusiastic supporter.  This meant publishing (and, you know, inventing) stories that highlighted how awesome Trump is and “making editorial decisions” about things that might not show Trump in the same glowing light.  Since so many conservatives self-isolate in the bubble, they had no idea about some of the warning signs of Trump.  I could hardly call it THE transformative event but it was certainly effective in bringing conservatives to heel in supporting The Donald.

Now, as a result of infighting, Bannon may be under fire again.  This is his second time under the gun.  The first time he got a little big for his britches – at least as far as his ego-driven boss is concerned.  Now he’s targeted because new White House Communications Director and wiseguy wannabe Anthony Scaramucci wants him out.

So what do you suppose is going to do should Bannon be pushed out in the current White House purge?  My guess is, over at the site headquarters, there’s going to be a sudden realization that, hey, maybe these stories should be run after all!  Right?  I mean, Bannon OWNS the mechanism that created Trump’s image.  Couldn’t Bannon destroy Trump in conservative circles as easily as he built him up?  (The correct answer is ‘yes’…)

So get ready, fight lovers, for the upcoming battle for (temporary) dominance in the White House with Bannon vs the Mooch…

I’ll tell you this: if we’re doomed to hell anyway, we might as well enjoy the floor show…

UPDATE:  I wrote this piece this morning, posted it around 8:00am Pacific time.  NOW Scaramoochi is out.  Damn, it’s hard to keep up with this circus of a “Presidency…”

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