Beyond The Pale…

Three dead.  How many others hurt?  Our so-called “President” condemns “hatred, bigotry, and violence from many sides”.  Many sides?  No.  ONE side: the conservative side.  What’s their slogan for this “event”?  Oh, yeah, there it is: ‘Unite the Right’.  Doesn’t sound like “many sides.”

Can it actually be that Donald Trump is THAT far gone?  Apparently, he is.  His delusion that this problem stems from “many sides” has pushed me into the Amendment 25 crowd.  If he’s incapable of making an actual determination about who’s doing what to whom…and why…he’s clearly incapable of executing the duties of his high office and should be removed.

All this over a statue of Robert E. Lee?  Right-wing nut-balls are losing what’s left of their tiny little minds over the idea that the nation is beginning to see fit to remove statues of Confederate “heroes” from public locations and put them in museums.  But let’s be clear: the Confederate “heroes” in question were traitors, not “heroes.”  Continuing to laud the efforts of the south to break away from the United States and create their own little racist hell-hole seems, to me, to be about as un-American as one can get.

You want to remind me that Robert E. Lee had been a great general for the United States?  You want to remind me that Robert E. Lee was Lincoln’s first choice to lead the Union Army?  Save it.  Lee declined and led the rebellion army.  Lee became a traitor.  I know, many people don’t like that assessment.  Tough.  The same is true of Benedict Arnold, a once-respected hero of the American Revolution who ended up trying to sell out West Point to the British.  A traitor, pure and simple.  We don’t litter statues of Arnold around the countryside and in parks and such in recognition of what he did BEFORE betraying his countrymen and we shouldn’t do so with Lee…or Stonewall Jackson…or Jefferson Davis or any of the rest of the rebellious traitors of the south.

I’m guessing, here, but I suspect this little prick who drove his car into a crowd of peaceful counter-protestors thinks he’s going to get away with it because of the recent introductions of bills – by conservatives, in conservative states – that defend drivers who hit protestors blocking roads.  He won’t.  Even those stupid laws are REALLY about accidentally hitting someone – not pointing your car and plowing in at 40 miles per hour.  But, again, we’re talking about tiny little conservative racists minds, here.  Nuance is not something they understand…

I realized this morning I’m expecting the same old tropes from the right.  “Now is not the time to play the blame game”.  Now is EXACTLY the time to play the blame game.  I blame racists, marching down the street in their Brooks Bros shirts carrying their tiki torches and complaining about how rough they have it.  I blame conservatives who have been tossing red meat phrases around casually because it’s “fun” to piss off “Libtards.”  I blame our so-called “President” who tacitly supports racism in his rallies and who pretended he didn’t even know who David Duke was and knew nothing about the Ku Klux Klan.  I blame racist conservatives who simply will not let go of the fact that the big, bad evil government forcibly took away their “right” to forcibly take away other people’s rights.

Conservatives like to rip on the left over what they call “identity politics.”  Well, I ask you, what could be more “identity” than “white”?  I’m pretty much sick and tired of conservatives pretending liberals do the things conservatives actually do.  I’ve noticed a dearth of postings in social media from my conservative friends on the topic so far.  I”m sure the conservative bubble is working feverishly on some “spin” explaining how this is actually liberal’s – or even Obama’s – fault.  They’ll come up with something, too.  They always do.  It won’t make any sense.  It most likely won’t even have a basis in actual fact.  Conservatives don’t care.  So long as they can evade responsibility for their actions, they’ll grasp at whatever straw the conservative thought-shapers offer.

But I’ll tell you this: white supremacists, themselves, have ALWAYS been the best argument AGAINST “white supremacy.”  They’re just too stupid to know it…

One thought on “Beyond The Pale…

  1. I find a small source of humor in the fact that my phone show the “From” as “Press The Bacon”.

    Jeff Meldahl


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