“Dr. Bannon” and His Creature…

Well, the creature is unhappy with his creator.  By which I mean Steve Bannon is out of the White House and fallen from grace.  Like most people who aren’t racists, I’m pretty happy about it…made my day, in fact.  Apparently, it didn’t make Steve’s day.  It’s going to cause friction.  (Maybe we could call it ‘The War Between the White Supremacists.’)

Steve Bannon was pretty proud of the fact that he had used Breitbart to deceive the minions of the conservative bubble into believing that Donald Trump was more than Donald Trump has ever been.  It took Bannon’s help to get Trump elected through the use of what are called “editorial decisions.”

Editorial decisions are simply decisions editors make regarding what gets reported (and how) and what doesn’t.  Conservatives are all aware of editorial decisions.  They all know that editorial decisions happen in what they call the mainstream media, or MSM.  As a group, though, they remain blissfully unaware that editorial decisions happen inside the conservative bubble as well as the reviled MSM.

Worse, bubble-dwelling conservatives have been conditioned to simply accept as axiomatic that in case of any discrepancy between information they receive from the bubble and information presented by the MSM, the bubble is always correct and the MSM is always “fake news.”  We see it all the time from bubble-dwellers.  “Why won’t the MSM report this?” they implore.  Um, because it’s bullshit…but they genuinely don’t know it.

It’s not entirely their fault.  They’ve been told that by sticking to the bubble they’re receiving information which nobody else in the world knows because, secretly, they’re the smart ones so only THEY get to be in the club.  People LIKE clubs.  They LIKE belonging to something.  Clubs need rituals, of course, to reinforce the feeling of being “in” and, in this case, the ritual is as simple as logging in on a computer, although trolling bubble outsiders seems very important to the process as well…

Remember Frankenstein?  The book, not the movies.  Dr. Frankenstein creates a creature.  The Creature (for reasons that have nothing to do with this simplistic analogy so I’m going to just slide past them) turns on the doctor and destroys everything the doctor ever loved.  So, Dr. Frankenstein hunts the Creature across the planet and (spoiler alert!) they kill each other.  Playing the part of Dr. Frankenstein, in this case is one Steve Bannon.  The Creature, obviously, is Donald Trump.

Bannon owns Breitbart.com, one of the flagships of conservative “thought.”  Bannon “created” Trump in conservative circles by making editorial decisions that made Trump look like a strong, powerful, decisive and even competent leader.  (The bubble dwellers don’t know this.  They think they were just getting the actual news – BECAUSE it conflicted with what they heard in the MSM, see?)  So, what happens now that pissed-off-Steve – who still owns Breitbart – starts making OTHER “editorial decisions?”

Is Breitbart suddenly going to get on-board with the Russia investigations?  “OMG, Breitbart just learned…”  I don’t know, for sure.  But I’ll tell you this: I’m pretty sure Bannon is going to start eroding Trump’s base – in the same way strip-miners “erode” a hillside – and I have to confess: I’m looking forward to watching Creature and creator destroy each other…

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