Defeating Antifa…

Look, I know I could be wrong but I’ve been having a VERY hard time accepting the idea that these black-clad thugs who show up to start violence at various conservative events are progressives.  The reason is simple: I can’t think of a single way – not one – in which the masked little cowards benefit or advance progressive positions.  In like fashion, I can’t think of a single way – not one – in which the masked little cowards do NOT benefit or advance conservative positions.  It’s the age-old question: who benefits?

For clarity, it’s important to point out that I’m referring to the fringe group known as the “black bloc” and not necessarily to every person out there who claims to be Antifa.  Truthfully, I have no issue with people who stand against Fascism.  MY issue is with those who turn to violence as a first choice…and they just don’t pass the “smell test” for me.  Since the first time I heard of them (through conservatives, by the way) they just haven’t…fit.

So, I admit, I start out a little biased on this one.  Maybe it only LOOKS like they accidentally tipped their hands in a San Francisco rally in August.  Events moved so quickly at the time, it took me awhile to realize but with a little reflection, I noticed something…

After the violence in Charlottesville, the bay area was to be treated to a new rally event called ‘Patriot Prayer’ in which conservatives could get together – ostensibly to talk about conservative things in a non-violent way.  They applied for, and received, a permit from the National Parks Service to hold their rally at Crissy Field.  Fearing a repeat of the Charlottesville scene, San Francisco prepared.  They limited traffic access.  They built a tall, chain-link fence around the area.  They created a single entrance through the fencing and declared that people wouldn’t be allowed to bring in anything that might be used as a weapon, anything that could be used as “armor”, and NO MASKS!  They deployed every cop in the city.

In short, San Francisco created as much of a “safe space” as it might be possible to create, making it difficult to impossible for the “Black Blech” to attack.  In response, the conservatives who organized the event…cancelled it – citing “safety concerns.”  Wait, what?  The City created a very safe space for conservatives to have their little rally, chant their slogans, and all go home safe and sound and the conservatives cancelled their event due to safety concerns?  What, too much safety?

It was a mistake.  I would guess it won’t happen that way again because it provided an accidental glimpse into the workings of these “events.”  See, it looks very much like conservatives realized there was no way for “Antifa” to attack…so they cancelled their own event!  No way for the riot to start, so no need for the rally, right?  That suggests the ROLE of the “Black Blech” is to create sympathy for conservative groups by making them look like victims.

In the meantime, San Francisco has now provided a model to defeat the “Antifa” activists: control access to the event leaving NO open area from which to attack.  Don’t use low, little barricades, use full fencing with only one access point.  Station cops at the gate.  No weapons, no armor, NO MASKS!  You’ll get no “Antifa” and no violence!

I’ll tell you this: I feel more strongly than ever that time is going to show that one or two of the leaders of these obnoxious, black-clad thugs are on some conservative payroll somewhere…

One thought on “Defeating Antifa…

  1. At Halloween, small children put on masks and run door to door, ring the bell and wait excitedly for the door to be opened. They are waiting in anticipation for the candy they know they are about to receive AND, if they are young enough to believe, the joy and excitement of “fooling” whoever answers the door with their mask and costume. A mask is meant to hide one’s identity, period. Even a 4 year old on Halloween knows this.


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