Wait, I’ve Seen This Before…

As the GOP hurtles toward passage of their tax assault on the American people, I just want to take a minute to say how it will work out.  I want to do it now so it looks like a prediction.  It isn’t a prediction, though.  It’s more like a history lesson.

The GOP is going to pass this nasty thing.  They want a “win” and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process.  (In fact, it often appears as though the GOP gets happier as more people suffer…)  My guess is that they don’t know what’s in it.  I presume, based on past behavior, much of this bill has been written by corporations and other vested interests.  Mostly, it’s a gift to the richest people and corporations according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.  Still, it’s got some short-term goodies for the masses so, initially, people won’t notice the damage.  But it won’t take long.

The goodies for the masses all expire over time.  The goodies for the one percent do not.  There will be no “trickle down.”  There will be few, if any, wage increases.  The economy will begin to falter, perhaps crash.  (Whether or not it crashes depends on how quickly they move to phase 2.)  Phase 2 is an increase in taxes and fees on the middle and lower classes, along with cuts to programs intended to help middle and lower class families.

That’s it.  That’s the entire prediction.  More money in the pockets of those whose pockets are already brimming with money, more suffering for everyone else.  Why do I think so?  Well, because that’s what has happened every time the GOP has pulled this trick on America!  Listen, anybody can be conned.  Con men are good at what they do and anybody can fall prey to the stories.  But, really…

How many times are people going to buy the same bridge from the same conman even though the judge keeps pointing out the bridge wasn’t the conman’s to sell in the first place?  At some point, it’s just embarrassing…

I take SOME comfort in the idea that I haven’t seen too many rank-and-file conservatives out there trying to support this…plan.  The posts I HAVE seen seem…halfhearted…as though even conservatives have begun to figure out that this is not a battle between left and right.  This is the one percent against everyone else.  The one percent has decided they’re simply going to take it all.  The question is, are we, the people, going to let them?

I’ll tell you this: left or right, if you aren’t actually and already in the one percent, you’d better pick up a phone, call your Congress Critter, and urge a no vote on this thing.  Sure, they’re going to do whatever they want, anyway.  But at least they’ll understand why they’re seeing all the torches and pitchforks…

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