This and That…

Did you watch the Pro Bowl?  No?  Apparently, neither did anybody else.  I had to go searching to find any information about the game.  (Because I certainly didn’t watch it!)  Like every corporation in this once-great nation, the NFL has destroyed it’s product.  And I don’t care what the bigots think, it has nothing to do with Colin Kaepernick’s objection to cops killing people of color.  It’s saturation.  Not just the number of games.  Commercials.  OMG, the commercials.  They rolled out a new tool this season in which the game, itself, is relegated to a small corner of the screen while an ad runs in a larger window.

I know a guy who lives, now, in a foreign country.  He’s back for a visit and he was pleased he had the opportunity to catch the Championship games since it had been so long since he’d been able to watch American football.  He called it “unwatchable.”  He noted the broadcast has become three and a half hours of commercials, occasionally interrupted by a football play…


Weasel Words.  That’s my name for those phrases that come up when a person wants to try to weasel out of some predicament during a discussion or debate.  In today’s hysteria-driven America, the most common Weasel Words are ‘Fake News…’


Why would anybody be surprised to find out that Trump cheated on Melania?  The actual news would be if Trump had a wife he didn’t cheat on…


Alexander Hamilton had an advantage when he designed our nation’s economic system: other economic systems.  He looked around, copied ideas that worked, and rejected ideas that didn’t.  That’s the way I think we, the people should handle things after the next, pending revolution.  Let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater, as the saying goes.  Let’s use what was good in our Constitution and fix the things that weren’t.  First up on my suggestion list?  Salaries.

Nobody should be allowed to set their own salary.  EVERYBODY thinks they’re worth top dollar, even those who aren’t worth a dime.  Consider: this country was created and established by people making eight dollars a day.  Today’s Congress is the highest paid in history and I’ve never seen a more useless group of sorry excuses.  So much for the pretense that if you want the best people you’ve got to pay higher rates.  I propose a change to the Constitution in which the salaries of members of Congress are tied directly to the fortunes of their constituents.  If they can’t screw the people without screwing themselves, they’re less likely to screw the people.  LESS likely…


The Northern California fires are still “happening” – they just aren’t burning anymore.  The fallout continues, unabated.  Toxins are polluting the water and, as the cleanup continues, the air.  The housing situation was…untenable before the fires.  Now?  It’s virtually impossible to find affordable housing.  Anybody who wants or needs to move won’t be moving across town.  They’re fleeing across the state or across the country, forced out of the only place they’ve known as home by circumstances far beyond their control.  I guess I know how the Dreamers feel…

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