There’s an old joke: A man walks up to a woman in a club and asks if she would sleep with him for a million dollars.  She considers him and his request and finally answers, “A million dollars?  I guess so…”
“Great,” he answers.  “How about for twenty-five bucks?”
“Twenty-five bucks?!?” she asks, insulted.  “What do you think I am?”
“Oh, we’ve already established what you are,” he answers.  “Now we’re just haggling over the price…”

I’m actually starting to feel badly for Melania.  Sure, she’s a gold-digger who thought she’d hit the jackpot by marrying such an extensive fortune.  She HAD to know he wouldn’t be faithful.  He’s never been faithful…to anyone or anything.  But a porn star?  I’m guessing she didn’t realize she was signing up for…



Tesla came out in full offensive mode after this crash.  I can hardly blame them.  They made the point that Tesla’s Autopilot mode isn’t REALLY a full Autopilot mode.  They stated the driver’s hand were not on the wheel at the time of the crash and that the driver had ignored -or, at least, not responded to – warnings from the car.  They suggested the car hadn’t been properly repaired after a previous accident.  They pointed out that the highway abutment was missing it’s attenuator.

In 1965, Ralph Nader published a book called ‘Unsafe At Any Speed.’  The book was really about the automobile industry’s unwillingness to adopt safety standards quickly enough but one chapter focused on a particular model on the road at the time, the Chevy Corvair.  He pointed out that because of a design decision that could have been done differently (and inexpensively), if you took a corner fast enough in a Corvair, the rear wheels might well tuck under the car sending you into an uncontrollable spin.  Within four years, the Corvair was out of production…

Ford introduced the Pinto in 1971.  A design flaw caused the car to burst into flames if it was rear-ended hard enough.  Somewhere between 27 and 180 people died as a result.  The danger got into the press.  People found out.  The Pinto was out of production by 1980.

The ONE piece Tesla hasn’t mentioned in their various defenses of the Model X is that the car in question burst into flames after the accident.  I don’t know how common it is.  It happens from time to time, particularly in very bad accidents.  So, Tesla has little option but to distract.  They know history.  They can’t afford to allow the public perception that under the right circumstances, your shiny new Tesla might become an impromptu crematorium…

…but it might…


Our national embarrassment is attacking Amazon.  He’s claiming they don’t pay enough taxes.  When HE didn’t pay taxes, he claimed it was because he was “smart.”  He claims the “failing” Post Office isn’t getting what they should from Amazon.  It’s time to repeat – and never forget – that the Post Office is suffering under an artificial financial burden imposed on them by Republicans in Congress.  The P.O. would be doing just fine if they weren’t required to fund pensions for employees they haven’t even hired yet.  The Post Office is established in the Constitution.  The only way Republicans can kill it is to artificially bury it financially…

2 thoughts on “Wrecks…

  1. Melania…….what a tragic figure….every time you see her on TV she looks miserable….you’re right, she should have known what she was signing on for but, she looks so pathetic I have to feel a little sorry for her…..she seems to be serving “life without parole”….I’m sure the Pre-nup she had to sign means,if she left Doofus,she would be unable to maintain the life style she has come to enjoy…..


    1. I imagine there’s bonus pay for staying during his maladministration. NOBODY wants our national embarrassment to lose a second term more than Melania. (That’s a guess, of course. She and I haven’t talked…)


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