Stormy Sailing…

Apparently, James Comey has a new book coming out this Tuesday.  Now, I know that my conservative brethren have already dismissed it as full of lies.  They’re certain that it’s so full of lies it might not even be written in English, fercrissakes.   For the rest of us, I’d like to point out one small thing…

There’s an accusation out there that at one point, Trump hired a couple of prostitutes to pee on each other on a bed once used by the Obamas.  According to the charge, the Russians surreptitiously filmed the party.  According to Comey’s book, Trump repeatedly tried to get Comey to take some stand against the whole “pee tape” allegation, claiming that he (Trump) is a “germophobe” who would never allow himself to be anywhere near such an event.

This from a person who, apparently, went “bareback” with an adult film actress.  Now, I mean no disrespect to Ms. Clifford but even she would have to admit that she is certainly in a “high-risk” group for sexually transmitted diseases…

Anyone know Howie Mandel well enough to get a question to him for me?  You see, Howie Mandel is a long-known, well-documented “germophobe.”  He’s open and honest about it.  He doesn’t shake people’s hands; he does the fist-bump, that kind of thing.  I once saw him on a television show and he was having a difficult time just standing next to a stripper pole.  (He thought somebody should have at least wiped it down.  He might have been right about that one…)

Let’s ask Mr. Mandel if he would ever consider having sex with an adult film actress without using a condom.  I think the answer might provide some context as to how germophobes handle…you know…germs…

I have to say, with all of the other things swirling around him, I think it’s…appropriate that Trump’s illicit affair with a porn actress is increasingly looking like the thing that might bring him down and I’ll tell you this: I’ll bet Melania’s happy about it, too…

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