It’s the Pettiness…

Ok, so French President Emmanuel Macron tried a charm offensive with our National Embarrassment in an effort to talk him into staying in the Iran Nuclear Agreement.  There were smiles, many flattering words, much hand-holding.  Macron even brought a tree to the White House as a gift.

According to the Guardian, ‘The tree came from Belleau Wood, north-east of Paris, where 1,811 Americans died in a ferocious battle in June 1918.

In a tweet, Macron said: “100 years ago, American soldiers fought in France, in Belleau to defend our freedom. This oak tree (my gift to [Donald Trump]) will be a reminder at the White House of these ties that bind us.”’

They even planted it together in a big White House show…TreePlanted

So, then the meeting continues and, at some point, Macron becomes clear that Trump is too polluted by Fox “News” to understand actual, real-world details and seems poised to back out, despite Macron’s efforts.  (As of this writing, no decision has been announced…but c’mon…it’s Trump, fercrissakes.  If he can find a way to do the worst thing, he will…)

Now, to be fair, this realization seems to have irritated Macron who then went on to address a joint session of Congress and used the time to…well, I’m going to say “challenge”…pretty much everything our poor pseudo-leader thinks.



See that little yellow spot between the lamppost and the tree?  THAT’S where Macron’s gift was.  Apparently, Trump is okay with crapping on the memory of 1,811 American soldiers if he disagrees with something you say.  That’s just petty.  The tree has to go because Macron is smarter than Trump?  I’ll tell you this: pettiness is the mark of a small man…


It seems Michelle Wolf is in trouble with conservatives after calling Sarah Huckabee-Sanders a liar.  Apparently, she should have used the preferred “alternative facts”.  The thing is, Sanders IS a liar.  Hell, she’s paid to lie.  That’s her job.  She accepted the job.  She does it every day.  She knows she’s lying.  Everybody else knows she’s lying.  Does it hurt her feelings to be called a liar?  No, though she might pretend it does.  It seems like advice people shouldn’t need but really, if you don’t want go down in history as a liar, don’t lie!  Just a thought…

One thought on “It’s the Pettiness…

  1. I wish I could still be shocked and surprised at how low he can go. Our national embarrassment is worse every day and continues to “out low” his previous worst.

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