Rights…and Wrongs…

Well, the pseudo-Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the religious guy who won’t bake a cake for the gay couple.  The first thing I’d like to say is that, mostly, I think it’s a stupid argument.  If I was looking for a special cake for my special day, I most certainly wouldn’t want someone to make it who didn’t want to regardless of their reasons.  Having said that, though, I think the court – as usual, ever since it got fraudulently packed with conservatives – is wrong.

How would the court have ruled if the couple had been male and female – but black – and the baker refused because his “religious beliefs” are based in KKK interpretations of the Bible?  We already know the answer to that question.  Think lunch counters and ‘separate but equal’, which was certainly NOT equal.  That got struck down by the high court.  You can’t discriminate against a person because of the color of their skin.  It’s a natural occurrence.  People have no choice…

But there are a LOT of folks out there who have decided that being gay IS a “choice.”  If it’s a choice, then it can be a sin, right?  AND…one can “balance” one person’s choice against another person’s choice.  But gay isn’t a choice.  It’s just a thing some people are in exactly the same way heterosexual is just a thing some people are.  You know what ISN’T a natural occurrence?  Religion.

If a person isn’t taught – at a VERY young age – to think wrong (by which I mean “religiously”) they simply won’t buy the story.  The couple just wanted a cake.  The baker made the choice to be religious.  For the SCOTUS to find for the baker, even narrowly, they had to decide that gay IS a choice just like religion.  They were wrong…


CAN Trump pardon himself?  I say no.  People keep saying “read the Constitution.”  Okay.  It says, “…he shall have Power to Grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences (sic) against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.”  See that “except in Cases of Impeachment” part?  To me, that means if he has committed a crime for which he might be impeached, he can’t pardon himself until the impeachment issue has been settled.  It’s actually pretty straightforward – unless you don’t WANT it to be.  One can pretend it’s all so murky and unclear – but they’re just pretending…

I’ll tell you this: there are no two ways about it, if you support the idea that the President can pardon himself no matter what, you support monarchy (or, perhaps, a dictatorship) but NOT a constitutional republic…

2 thoughts on “Rights…and Wrongs…

  1. My “argument” for people that claim gay is a choice is; if that is the case, make me gay. Do whatever it takes. Threaten my children, take my house, money, whatever. You may be able to make me ACT gay, but bottom line is, genetically I am not gay and no matter what one does, nothing will change that. The second part of the conversation is, “What could I do to make you gay?” BECAUSE THE ANSWER IS NOTHING! Gay isn’t a choice or a life-style or as you pointed out, a religious belief. I’m so sick of this debate. It’s 2018….time for people to pull their heads out of their asses and figure out the basics. (Just a foot note please—if gay were a choice, would so many young men and women kill themselves over the pain and realization that they are, in fact, gay and how that is going to impact their lives and the lives of the people they love? No, they would just stop being gay. And if the world would stop telling them that they are in control of who they are and are not attracted to and want to love, accept them as we do hetero couples, maybe we could cut down on those suicides and have a few less hate crimes while we’re at it. )

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