Refusing to Learn…

It should not be surprising that Trump’s stupid trade war seems to be harming Americans more than anyone else.  If actions speak louder than words – and they do – Trump seems to be anti-American.  The Chinese (among other nations) have decided to respond to Trump stupidity by attacking Trump supporters in this trade war.  The retaliation the Chinese imposed is aimed directly at “heartland farmers” for example – they’ve cancelled nearly their entire order of soy beans from the US.  This has caused many on the left to declare that perhaps NOW the Trumpsters will see what’s happening.

Don’t hold your breath…

These are not fact-based people.  They’re fully faith-based and they will not allow the interruption of their faith by a few obnoxious facts.  Fox “News” will find some way to blame Democrats and the Trump loyalists will just accept it – the same way any religious fundamentalist accepts what their minister says.  (“God WANTS me to touch you here…”)

Sure, it’s grabbing an anvil for use as a life preserver, but they’ll cling to their faith all the way to the bottom…

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