Democratic Socialism…


I like that more women are running for public office.  I like that more young people are running.  I like this woman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  I wish I could vote for her but, for now, she’s a New York asset.  I think – okay, I hope – that she represents a new wave of politician in the US.  Here’s the thing: she’s openly Democratic Socialist – I like that, too – and that scares the heck out of a certain segment of our society.

Of course, the terrified segment doesn’t understand they’ve been living the “hell” of Democratic Socialism all their lives.  They never even thought about it until Fox “News” told them it was bad – without ever telling them what it is.  Now that same segment is out arguing against public Fire Departments because they don’t understand the history of Fire Departments in this once-great nation.

I read a column in the Guardian called, ‘Socialism is no longer a dirty word in the US – and that’s scary for some‘.  It starts with this passage: “Here’s a fun game to play with a right-leaning American: say the word “socialism” and count the number of seconds it takes for them to scream “VENEZUELA” in response.”  It’s true, too.  Either that or you get references to Marx, Engels, Stalin, and/or Lenin – all Communists.  The terrified crowd never mention Finland or Sweden where people are happier, healthier, and better educated.  NONE of them talk about the US…

When FDR introduced the New Deal, he seemed to know that Americans wouldn’t accept ‘Socialism’ so he just gave it a name Americans could accept – but it was Democratic Socialism and it helped to make America great in the first place.  The self-serving rich declared war on the New Deal almost immediately.  As they’ve seen their class war successes pile up (Since Reagan) the vast majority of Americans have seen their own quality of life decline…

The basic concept of Democratic Socialism is this: you make so-called “Capitalists” compete in a Capitalist environment and on a level playing field.  That is to say, society takes away the ability of the shallow thinkers to squeeze people in areas where they have no legitimate ability to say no.  Is that confusing?  Here’s an example.  If you get cancer, should treatment destroy your life and that of your family by wiping out your finances?  So-called “Free Market” Capitalism says yes.  Democratic Socialism says no.

One can find examples of private industry squeezing everywhere they look.  There are so many, I don’t have space to write all of them here – and this is the (socialist-built) internet!  A huge swath of these self-described business geniuses couldn’t make a dime if they didn’t control some aspect of life people need.  (A fundamental aspect of Capitalism is that the consumer MUST enjoy the ability to say no or it’s not Capitalism – it’s extortion.)

Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez gives me hope.  I became depressed when I realized we’re NEVER going to educate the faith-based ‘Movement Conservatives.’  They prefer their faith and don’t WANT to be educated.  But I’ll tell you this: Ocasia-Cortez reminds me there are intelligent, fact-based people still around in this once-great nation so we’re not lost yet.  Hope springs eternal, I guess…

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