Stupid Is As Stupid Does…


I’ve heard a couple of things from my conservative brethren that I think even THEY must know are nothing more than talking points.  One is about Paul Manafort.  They pretend he shouldn’t be prosecuted because there’s no demonstrated link between him and Russians regarding the collusion investigation…that they know of, anyway.  That is to say, Meuller might well have discovered crimes in Manfort’s life but because Meuller is investigating campaign collusion with Russia how can crimes unrelated to campaign collusion be prosecuted?

I KNOW – and I mean, I really KNOW – that my conservative brethren aren’t that stupid.  Here, let me put it another way.  Let’s say I get pulled over for speeding and while the cop is approaching the car, he notices the body of the person I just murdered in the back seat.  According to the espoused theory, he’s supposed to ignore the axe in the body’s head and just write my citation and let me go.  After all, he stopped me for speeding.  It would be…inappropriate if he arrested me for the murder, right?  See?  Stupid.  It’s immediately apparent.

If this is the line the White House or ‘Fox and Friends’ or whomever wants you to parrot, don’t.  They’re asking YOU to bring shame and disgrace to yourself and your family to defend a lie.   Free advice, here.  If your “team” asks you to pretend you’re too stupid to see what’s wrong with the official position, you might want to decline lest someone take you at your word…

Speaking of Meuller, though, the whole “they haven’t found anything so the investigation should be shut down” line falls very near the other one on the stupid scale.  I simply refuse to believe conservatives are stupid enough NOT to know that the investigation is “on-going.”  (“On-going” means they’re still investigating.)  The reason you haven’t heard the details is that you’re not supposed to…yet.  One of the most important bits that whole line ignores is that our National Embarrassment keeps adding to the pile, extending the investigation.

Every time Dumbass Don tweets some new bit of obstruction, it has to be investigated, too.  Now that he’s confessed (via twitter) that he knew the meeting with the Russians was about getting dirt on Hillary, Meuller has more work to do.  The investigation gets extended.  In reality, you haven’t heard anything yet NOT because there’s nothing to report but, instead, because there’s so much, it’s taking a long, long time to pull it all together in a legally appropriate way.

I’ll tell you this: I KNOW my cons aren’t stupid.  But if you don’t want people to decide you’re stupid or call you stupid, stop pretending to be just to win a political fight.  Whatever the issue of the day is will come and go but the label you’re applying to yourself will last forever…

2 thoughts on “Stupid Is As Stupid Does…

  1. I want to believe that they don’t believe Trump; they believe IN Trump. That makes them cult members and not un-retractable idiots. However, both are very dangerous to the peace and well-being of society.

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