Can somebody – anybody – please tell me why we, the people are suffering through this Kavanaugh show-hearing?  It’s a massive waste of time and money.  It’s clear the GOP doesn’t want anybody to know anything about this guy.  That was made evident when the White House decided to withhold a hundred thousand pages of documents about him.  Of course, they need plausible deniability so they dump forty-two thousand pages on the Democrats fifteen hours before the “hearing” begins.  Nice.

Worse, though…none of the people in the spotlight of one of these “hearings” shows up without having been trained and prepped and Kavanaugh is no different.  He’s not going to tell Diane Feinstein how he feels about guns.  He’s not going to answer honestly regarding his views on abortion or whether he thinks a (Republican) President should be President for life.  He’s going to regurgitate the non-answer response that some “expert” told him to say.

We all “know”, though.  He was selected in the first place because of his belief that a sitting President can’t be criminally investigated – a “belief” he has apparently developed since he helped Ken Starr stalk and harass Bill Clinton.  He worked for the Bush 43 administration and I recently heard John Yoo say nice things about him.  Of course, John Yoo should be expecting to spend a few eons in hell as the legal crap-stain who authored the idea that torture is okay if you juuussst call it “enhanced interrogation.”

Roe vs Wade is in the cross-hairs now, as well, but Kavanaugh isn’t going to SAY so during the show.  He’ll just blubber out some words about how he’ll always make all decisions with respect to established law and blah, blah, blah.  People refer to Roe vs Wade as being about abortion but it’s my understanding (I’m no lawyer) that it really codified privacy between a doctor and a woman patient (including abortion).  Once unraveled, perhaps men can once again get their wives doctors to issue a full report to them regarding what’s happening with their wive’s now semi-private parts.  Don’t worry, ladies.  We men know what’s best for you…

The Republicans don’t care that he’s issuing canned answers and the Democrats can’t do anything about it.  They don’t have the information they need to research the guy and they’ve been intentionally denied the time to seek it out on their own – which really just reinforces the fact that when the Republicans say, “Show’s over.  Let’s vote,” the vote will happen and the Democrats can’t stop it or change it.  The Republicans will vote “yes” in lock-step, the Democrats will vote “no” in lock-step and Brett Kavanaugh will become the next “Justice” of the United States “Supreme Court.”  (These days, “Supreme” just means it comes with Sour Cream…)

So…if the GOP is hiding as much information as they can – and they are – and the GOP has enough votes to push the guy through regardless of what the Dems think – and they do – why are we wasting time, money, energy, and resources on this dog-and-pony show?

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