The 2018 Mid-terms…

“Vote ‘no’ on their Proposition or everyone you know will DIE!”
“No, vote ‘yes’ on our Proposition or everyone you know will DIE!”
“It doesn’t do ANYTHING to help veterans…”
(Um…isn’t it about recycling?)
“Your grandma will HATE YOU forever if you vote against this Measure!”
“Nothing less than blood in the streets.”
“If you vote against this, the terrorists have already won!”
“Plagues of bloody water, frogs, and then locusts…”

I guess they’ve been using scare tactics during political campaigns going back to the Bible…probably longer.  I’m over it.  “Election” day is stalking us like a knife-wielding maniac in a slasher film and I’m just trying to get away.  The avalanche of propaganda that has consumed my mailbox continues unabated, offering absolutely zero in the way of information but urging my vote one way or the other anyway – always with some scary outcome if I don’t do as directed.  “For the children!”  Uh-huh.  Repeal a tax on vodka…for the children.  Right, I got it…

I take a circuitous route to my mailbox.  The path I follow allows me to pass right by my garbage can.  The political mailers drop right in as I pass.  Sometimes I wonder about the money some special interest group has invested into the colorful little flyers as I drop them into the can without so much as a glance.  I note that we, the people can never raise enough cash to feed the poor but we always seem to have plenty for less-than-useless, lying little flyers…

“My opponent is:
Sure to tax you into the poor house!
Happy to support corporate rule!
Instantly going to repeal the Constitution!
Tragically misinformed on the issues!”

I’ve already voted.  I think the most important technology Silicon Valley could give us – besides a voting machine that can create an audit report, that is – might be an “opt out” that lets the various interests know that my vote has been cast – so leave me out of the flyers, advertisements, and robocalls from this point forward.  You’re wasting MY time and YOUR money.  Hell, even if you change my mind…it’s too late.  I’ve already got my “participant” sticker!

Vote.  Exercise your franchise.  Do your duty (or, in some cases, “dooty”).  Put it on paper if you can but VOTE!

My understanding is, liberals vote Tuesday and conservatives vote on Wednesday so get out there on your designated day and vote like your future, your very life, depends upon it.

It actually might…