Security Insecurity…

Alright, this is getting stupid.  Our National Shame is SO focused on his useless vanity wall he’s letting security go at nearly EVERY other level.  A certain segment of our population is screaming about the dangers of uncontrolled immigration and simultaneously reducing controls on who enters this country and how – all because they’re terrified of people coming to this country and requesting asylum legally.

TSA agents across the land aren’t getting paid but they still have to pay their bills so they’re calling in sick and doing “gig” work.  (“Gig” work is the new term in this vulture economy.  It’s a euphemism for “you’re on  your own.”)  Homeland Security isn’t funded.  Think about that.  Homeland Security isn’t funded because of a temper tantrum over…well, the security of the homeland.  This, despite the fact that the security of the homeland is pretty much as solid as it’s been since 9/11.

As it happens, people running for their lives and begging for help don’t really represent a threat and it doesn’t matter how many times a certain segment of our population says otherwise.

Truthfully, I’m conflicted.  I’m enjoying watching Pelosi hand Trump his ass over his vanity wall.  I even enjoy seeing his petty little responses.  They’re so…revealing.  As in, he revealed a Congressional trip to Afghanistan, a violation of security.  But then, MY income isn’t affected, yet.  I feel for the people who aren’t getting paid and I’m concerned about the inevitable ripple effect.

Trump insists he’s going to save this country if he has to destroy the country to do it…


I really love AOC.  No, not the Architect of the Capitol.  I mean Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  Holy gods has she got everyone in a dither.  The right effing hates her because she’s the personification of progressive values.  The Democrats effing hate her because she’s the personification of progressive values.  Progressives love her.

She’s a young, minority woman.  Three straight strikes, if you’re an old white man.  People keep trying to smack her down but they keep missing the mark.  What?  She dances?  DANCES?!?  She knows about marginal tax brackets!  So, of course, the right insists she doesn’t understand marginal tax brackets.  She’s opposed to incremental baby steps, the current buzz-phrase Democrats are using meaning “do nothing to upset the status quo.”

Sure, it’s fun but it’s dangerous.  Sooner or later, one of those salvos from the left or the right is going to land…


So…IS Bernie personally responsible for claims of sexual harassment in his campaign?  No.  Unless HE did it, or one can prove he did nothing when he learned of it.  But that doesn’t stop the left – yes, the left – from attacking him aggressively over it.  Dems fear Bernie for the same reason they fear AOC.  It’s all that…progressiveness…when all they want to do is maintain the oligarchy as currently structured.  Sure, because it’s working so well for so many people.  I suspect it’s the left that’s keeping these charges alive in an effort to smear him…


Dems are starting to come out of the woodwork running for President.  I think there’s a sense that just showing up might be enough to beat Putin’s Puppet.  Okay, hyperbole alert, there.  But the mood seems to be – unless one is a dedicated, dyed-in-the-wool Trump supporter – people want him OUT.  The right person with the right message has a real opportunity.

According to Rolling Stone, there are currently 27 candidates running or considering a run.  So far, no word from Hillary.

I think the ONLY chance Trump has of re-election is if the Dems and Progressives re-ignite the Dem wars of 2016.  So, of course, you can bet the opposition is going to fuel the divide.  Sadly, it’s not going to be too hard, either.  Dems are dug in: it’s NOT going to be a Progressive.  Progressives are dug in, too: we can no longer afford non-progressive politics.

Of course, it’s FAR too early to say who the best candidate might be.  I’d prefer someone younger to someone older – but Nancy Pelosi has certainly made a case that an… “experienced” politician has value in politics.  I’d prefer a Progressive, whether a Democrat or just someone running AS a Democrat.

Both the Republicans and Democrats can breath at least ONE sigh of relief: according to the Constitution, AOC is still too young to run for President…

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  1. watch news story cnn on Indian and maga kid..then go on utube watch what really happen video can’t lie.. there whangin the dog ..there’s is no good side working people like sheep..can’t get cot up in religion all smoke and control and make obey..just got back from seattle my god they even have you guys corralled into unlivable conditions..haven’t been in big city for 20 years. from someone looking from the outside its pretty frighten..putting offer on 49 ft boat..going even farther out..before its all gone..” Truth you don’t want to know the truth ” under statement.

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