Changing Times…

There’s another effort underway to move California to a single, year-round time – no clock changes.  I really like the idea.  The thing is, people keep trying to move it to Daylight Saving Time year round, not “Standard” Time.  You can check this but when Bush 43 screwed up time by changing the start and end of DST, it cost the country MORE in fuel – even though the words spoken were about SAVING fuel.  Hmm, is it possible the oil man just made an honest mistake?

The reason is simple: people don’t have the ability to make choices about the mornings the way we do about the evenings.  If politicians move the darkness forward, when we HAVE to get up and get going to work, it forces most of us to use more electricity for lighting and fuel for heating.  Ah, Crapitalism…


The vape company, Juul, is running a commercial that really irritates me.  It has a woman talking like one of those “use our product to quit smoking” ads but speaking only of “switching” from cigarettes to the Juul.  She even uses the line, “Nobody thought I could switch.”  Really?  Nobody thought you could get your nicotine from one source over another?  How stupid are the people around you?  And, really, just how stupid do the people at Juul think Americans are?  (Please don’t answer that question.  The full depth of American stupidity has yet to be plumbed…)


The United States is NOT a “meritocracy.”  That’s just a comforting story the hyper-wealthy feed into the national consciousness to stroke their own egos.  It reinforces the fiction that THEY got to where they are by their own “pluck” and hard work.  Sure, it almost always included hard work.  The thing is it’s someone else doing the “hard work.”  There are precious few mega-fortunes that were NOT built through crime and/or wage theft.  The story enjoys the nice side benefit of pretending that those who are NOT obscenely wealthy “deserve” their lower position because, obviously, only the meritorious “earn” their way to the top.

But the “meritocracy” tale is destroyed the instant some thieving rich guy hands his useless children the fruits of his crimes…

The United States is NOT a “nation that respects the rule of law,” either.  As long as wealth and/or skin color dictates the outcome of trials and the severity of sentences, the rule of law is nothing but a slogan used to oppress the non-wealthy and people of color…


Okay, I recognize it has taken me awhile but I’ve finally settled on a life dream: I want to found a town, named after myself.  I plan to call it ‘Baconburg.’  People who live there would be ‘Baconburgers’…

Whose in?

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