How Dull…

I saw a guy running for President on Real Time with Bill Maher.  His name was Tim Ryan, I think.  I hope he’s not representative of the kind of candidate the Democrats are going to foist on the populace this year.  I hope he’s not delivering the official message.  He was dull.  I know, it should “be about the issues” but he only gave the standard non-answer answers with no “issue information” to discuss.  Sure, it was the safe bet but I was off the guy before his short segment ended.  If he won’t answer questions on Bill Maher’s show – that is, in front of a friendly audience – I’m guessing he doesn’t really have anything to say…


I once worked for an accounting firm that focused on medical practices.  At the time, because of the tax laws, it was common to advise the clients to take a bonus at the year end – a bonus large enough to cause the business to show a loss.  So, year after year, the business would avoid taxes and the doctor or dentist in question would pay taxes on personal income, instead.  The rate was lower.  When Donnie Dumbass says it was all part of the game, he’s right.  So I don’t care HOW breathless they get over at CNN or MSNBC or the ‘Old Gray Whore’ about a printout of “Trumps taxes”, at this point.  We, the American people, STILL don’t have enough information to come to any solid conclusions.

It’s easy to get confused.  There’s not a single person in this country who wouldn’t – who SHOULDN’T – take advantage of every tax rule that works in their favor.  The thing is, we need to take issue with the crappy tax laws that so greatly comfort the comfortable while afflicting the afflicted, not people who utilize said laws.

Hey, my Progressive and Democratic brethren: you know how you’re able to recognize that the conservative media has tossed a so-called “red meat” issue into the conservative bubble by the subsequent frenzy?  Well, you’d better take a step back and consider your own position because the corporate-owned, don’t-give-a-crap-WHICH-side-you’re-on media machine is doing the exact same thing to you…


I STILL say actions speak louder than words.  By now, everyone outside of the conservative bubble knows Trump obstructed justice and is FAR too cozy with Russian agents.  (INSIDE the conservative bubble, they don’t…well, they don’t care, really…)  For MY part, I’ve come to the conclusion that Trump did NOT, in fact, knowingly collude with the Russians.  Truthfully, I think the Russians identified a useful idiot and said idiot became an “asset.”  But not “knowingly.”  Trump’s not the kind of guy any intelligent person would trust as a spy.  But just because you don’t KNOW you’re being manipulated by Vladimir Putin doesn’t mean you’re not being manipulated by Vladimir Putin.

Still, the Mueller Report has laid out enough damning information that the Democrats in Congress should do…something.  Sitting around issuing contempt citations isn’t doing anything.  NOT doing anything qualifies as an “action”, too.

I’ll tell you this: at this point, I don’t really care, anymore, about what the Democrats say.  I care about what they DO


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