Tricks of the Traitors…

You know how those of us who follow journalists keep seeing our fearful misleader creating crises and then stepping in “at the last minute” to save the day?  Many on the left find themselves wondering what the heck he’s up to.  Why create a crisis only to “solve” it?  My suspicion is – as evidenced by his ongoing little Nuremberg rallies – Trump never left the campaign trail and these are campaign stunts.  Sure, they’re dangerous stunts but dangerous stunts make for better television, right?

It’s important to remember that those who have carefully and securely isolated themselves inside the conservative bubble don’t get the same information as the rest of the world.  The opinion-mongers inside the con bubble don’t tell their adherents about the run-up to a given problem.  They only talk about the details of the problem and then – voila – the glorious “save” from Donnie Dumbass.

The so-called “President,” Comrade Trump, knows how he looks to those outside the con bubble.  He just doesn’t care.  He’s playing to his base.  He’s got 30% of the electorate solidly locked up.  He said himself he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and his base wouldn’t care.  I think we’ve all been surprised to discover that if he shot one of his acolytes, they’d make excuses FOR him as they die.  (Loyalty above self-respect…)

It’s a scheme.  It impresses the hell out of the 30%.  They actually think he’s some kind of brilliant negotiator.  Hopefully, though, I think it might backfire.  I wrote a song, once, from the point of view of a politician with the lyrics, “I see the problems with solutions quite clear but I won’t fix them ’cause I need them next year when I run again.”  The truth is, the American people are sick and tired of business as usual.  They wanted – perhaps needed – someone outside of the incremental baby-steps crowd.

There were two anti-establishment candidates running in 2016.  Most Americans wanted Bernie.  When they couldn’t have him (thanks, DNC), they settled for Trump.  That means there was some number of voters out there who mostly voted AGAINST Hillary but I doubt they’re going back to Trump again having seen this once-great nation turned into an international laughing stock.  So he KEEPS locking up his guaranteed 30% but simultaneously erodes the larger support he’ll need to “win” a second term.  (Although, who knows what happens when the Russians start flipping votes in the machines again…)

Hope really does spring eternal, I guess…


Can you tell I don’t really believe Trump won the “election?”  I think the Russians hacked into the oh-so-hackable voting machines and installed their ass – I’m sorry – assET into the Oval Office.  NOBODY – Republican nor Democrat – has made even the slightest serious effort to address the vulnerability of the voting machines.

If you love your country, vote on paper – NOT on those god-damned voting machines…

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