Koch, Prince, Luck, and Dumb…

So, some of the big news of the week has to do with the passing of David Koch.  Now, he’s only the wicked witch of the East.  His brother, Charles, is the wicked witch of the west – known by all as “worse than the other one.”  The world is still waiting and hoping for Charles to die but David is gone now.  One less dark spot on humanity.  I saw a post in social media in which the poster was hoping for a speedy reunion for the Koch brothers.  I second the emotion.

I’d like to know where David’s buried so I have a place to pee next time I’m in Kansas.  His grave seems like an excellent place to dump any hazardous waste you may have around the house.  Change your engine oil?  Dump it on David.  Old paint around the house?  Dump it on David.  Need to pump your septic system?  Dump it on David.

David Koch hated the United States and, along with his evil, hate-filled brother, used his resources to undermine and destroy it.  If spoken at all, his name should be spat with hatred for as long as humanity has left.  The only time I really regret Atheism is when people like David Koch die.  I find the idea of someone like him burning in hell for all time quite comforting…


So, does Prince Andrew actually think people are as stupid as he’s treating them?  I know, many of them are…but not enough.  His mea culpa didn’t really help him so much, did it?  “Oh, I didn’t know about Epstein’s behavior before he went to jail.”  Okay, maybe.  Maybe I can’t prove otherwise.  Now seems like an appropriate time to mention the photo.

Andrew Girl and Madam

Prince Andrew with his “conquest” and Epstein’s Madam at Epstein’s house.

This does NOT look like a photo of a person who was unaware of Epstein’s  predilections.  It looks more like a photo of a person who shares Epstein’s predilections.  It’s important to note the photo was taken in 2001.  The girl in the middle was 17 at the time.  The woman on the right is Ghislaine Noelle Marion Maxwell.  She’s reportedly the person who recruited the young (too young) ladies for Epstein.  I don’t know, maybe they’re just friends.

But then?  He calls it a “mistake and an error” to continue seeing Epstein after his release in 2010.  It seems, to me, it was little more than an effort on the down low to continue to have sex with underage women.

It’s too bad our corrupt world will never hold such a wealthy person responsible.  He’ll get away with it because he’s a Prince of England.  If he was a normal person, Andrew would be out of luck…


Yeah, poor segue but speaking of ‘Andrews,’ Andrew Luck has retired from the NFL at 29.  Indianapolis fans booed him as he left the field.  I’ve made several jokes about him in private – all ridiculing the notion that he’s retiring because he gets “owies” in the NFL.  I don’t think he played very well but I also understand he unexpectedly found himself on a not-very-good team.  But the team paid him through the nose to get beat up behind a porous line.  Retiring at 29 means he made his money and got out while the getting was good.  That’s not luck, that’s just smart…


So…President Dumbass thinks Prime Minister Dumberass is the ‘right man’ to deliver Brexit.  Of course he does.  Stupid always feels camaraderie for stupid.  I’m just sitting back, watching the show.  Trump is assaulting the American economy.  Johnson is about to assault the European economy.  I’m expecting the usual Republican economic crash and it looks like it’s timing well for the upcoming “election.”

I don’t believe the “election” process in the United States is honest but most of the damage is done in close “elections.”  It’s harder to fake in landslides and I think with an economic crash, Trump will lose in a landslide.  Hell, even some conservatives might figure out who’s really screwing them.  (Right now, they think it’s desperately poor people from south of the border…)

In order to even have a chance, you’re going to have to get out and vote.  Vote on paper if you can but vote…

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