It’s a genuine problem when a person can’t admit a mistake no matter how innocuous.  Our Embarrassment in Chief misstated Hurricane Dorian’s path to include Alabama, which, of course, raised concerns in Alabama.  Sooo, the National Weather Service issued a correction – no, Dorian presents no threat to Alabama.  Drumpf had a couple of legitimate “outs” here.  For example, he could have thrown one of his sycophant facilitators under the bus.  “Oh, I was briefed incorrectly.”  Who could argue?

But not our special Dumbass.  No, he insists the hurricane was, in fact, on target to graze Alabama.  When pressed for details by the media, he produces this:

See the little black line that includes a corner of Alabama?  Word is, Donnie, himself, drew that in trying to “prove” he was right.  Now, the National Weather Service has had to come out publicly and point out that they never produced such a map.  Worse, it turns out it’s NOT just an effort of a very little man with NO self esteem to protect his underdeveloped and fragile personality.  It’s a crime to provide fraudulent information like that.

No, I’m clear nobody is going to do anything about it but it’s one more example of the failure of this once great nation to even TRY to live up to it’s rhetoric.  The next time you hear some talking head claim we’re a “nation of laws” just laugh (or, maybe, cry) in their face…


Donnie Dumbass tried to distract from his Dorian Debacle by claiming he had a secret meeting with the Taliban scheduled but cancelled it because they took credit for some terrorist act.  Progressives are getting all upset that Dumbass invited the Taliban to the US during the week of September 11.

Two things: one, it was Al Qaeda that attacked the US on Sep 11, not the Taliban.  Two, do you really believe Donnie Dumbass was going to meet with the Taliban?  Or, more specifically, that the Taliban would meet with him?


Well, the NFL is back.  They’re not even all the way through Week 1 and there’s already controversy and (no surprise) it involves the cheatin’ Patriots.  As painlessly as possible, there’s a player named Antonio Brown.  He played for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  He’s a very talented player but he’s also a Prima Dona whiner.  Pittsburgh got tired of his antics and decided to honor his request for a trade.  A LOT of teams were interested.  The New England Patriots wanted the guy but Pittsburgh and New England are in the same division and Pittsburgh didn’t want to send a player of Brown’s talent to a divisional rival.  Pittsburgh sent him to the Oakland Raiders for a couple of mid-level draft picks, instead.

Brown immediately started acting up.  He didn’t even get through the preseason before getting cut by Oakland – and picked up by New England on the same day.  Now, Adam Schefter, a sports guy, is reporting that, perhaps, New England was meddling all along.  There’s no evidence, of course.  It’s all just talk.  But it’s believable talk because the Patriots have a long history of breaking whatever rule they want to break.

Shortly after the deal, the Patriots went out and mopped up the field with the Steelers.  Gee, do you think Brown helped the Patriot coaching staff get a little “even” with Pittsburgh?  For the record, I don’t consider making use of a newly acquired player cheating.  Really, it’s common in the NFL.  Sometimes, that seems like the only reason a team picks up a player.  There’s a LOT wrong with the NFL these days but perhaps more than any other thing, Patriot cheating (and being allowed to get away with it) really ruined it for me…

Note: Save it.  I have no intention of lightening up on New England until they’re forced to play for six seasons using only hand signals on defense and providing their defensive playbooks to all of their opponents – you know, like the advantage THEY had when they “won” their first three Super Bowls…

2 thoughts on “Deceptions…

  1. This whole Brown thing is so freaking transparent…..The Steelers would not trade him to the Pats ( a highly competitive rival ) so he took the Diva/Spoiled Brat play to a new level…..was so disruptive the Raiders dumped him…..strangely enough, in a matter of just a few hours, he is . in fact, a Pat……just as he,his agent and the Pats planned the whole time….I Goodall had any balls ( he doesn’t ) he would void the whole sham….but, of course, he is in Bob Kraft’s pocket so forget that…

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    1. He’s a Patriot on Saturday and the press goes nuts that the Pats beat the Steelers on Sunday. Hmmm.

      I think the entire NFL is so freaking transparent anymore. For me? It’s just not worth the time…


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