Terrible Americans…

Okay, so we all agree that the Don of the Trump crime family broke the law in seeking to enlist foreign aid against a political rival for the upcoming “election”, right?  No, you don’t have to say so out loud if you’re trying to protect your status as “good conservative.”  I guess I don’t have to point out that protecting a President who is committing crimes just to maintain your “good conservative” credentials is going to drop you squarely into the “Terrible American” column, as well, but I’m sure the cons know that.  It’s a price they’re willing to pay…

Most of my conservative friends have been strangely quiet on the topic.  I suspect they realize there’s no good spin, yet.  Hell, even Tucker Carlson says there’s no way to spin this as a good idea.  I believe Carlson would blow Trump on national TV if Trump told him to and Carlson has STILL come out publicly and criticized the Orange Moron.  Of course, we all know getting head IS an impeachable offense, yes?

Tucker Carlson blows
Carlson doing Trump’s bidding…

Besides Trump, the Terrible American I’m really worried about is Mitch McConnell.  That dude hates Democrats so much he’d burn this country to the ground and dance on it’s ashes just to be able to say he showed them.  I know, that should be hyperbole.  Sadly, it isn’t.  The inquiry is only starting.  The evidence is strong against the current maladministration.  McConnell has already indicated that he doesn’t care what the evidence shows.  He will not convict Trump.

Mitch McConnell HATES the United States Constitution…

“I would have no choice but to take it up,” McConnell said. “How long you’re on it is a whole different matter, but I would have no choice but to take it up, based on a Senate rule on impeachment.”  Now he’s using his refusal to do his job in an attempt to keep his job.  He has campaign mailers going out saying he’s the only thing standing between the law and the President.  (His wording might be a bit different…)

Okay, quick question, here.  I’m no lawyer but doesn’t announcing the outcome before the trial even begins disqualify one from participating in the process?  “He’s absolutely innocent and we’ll be happy to look at any evidence you can present that supports that position” just…feels like the trial may not be fair and impartial.  I think McConnell has to recuse.  He won’t.  He loves his power and his so-called president more than he loves his country but he should step aside…


Speaking of terrible Americans, I’m increasingly disappointed in how incredibly stupid we are – as a group, I mean.  I know a LOT of very intelligent individuals.  I don’t know HOW so many intelligent individuals become SO effing stupid when in a group but the evidence is undeniable.  Is it really SO important to fit in with a crowd, any crowd, you’d allow yourself to be portrayed as a drooling moron rather than stand up and demonstrate even standard intelligence?

I’ll tell you this: when I look at the number of people who actually believe, or simply pretend to believe, some stupid position – some position contrary to an avalanche of evidence – just to try and “win” some political argument, I’m disheartened.  We’re Americans.  We were supposed to be better than that…

One thought on “Terrible Americans…

  1. Repugnacans have been eating the warm steamy “brown pudding” for so long that to admit it’s actually what it is ($&!t) would embarrass them beyond what they can bear. So they will continue to plug their collective noses and declare that it’s the best, most perfect, tremendous pudding they’ve ever tasted. SAD…

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