Smears, Smacks, and Smugness…

Tulsi-1I’ve got to say…I wish Hillary would just stay out of it.  She’s out, these days, suggesting that Tulsi Gabbard, the Congresswoman from Hawaii, is likely a Russian asset being groomed to run a third party candidacy.  Okay, in fairness, Hillary didn’t mention Tulsi by name.  She said the Russians have “got their eye on somebody who’s currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third party candidate”.  Party Democrats seem to be enjoying a whisper campaign against Tulsi along those lines.

If this was the only time Hillary tried the Russian bot story, I would STILL have a problem with it.  But Tulsi Gabbard was the vice-chair of the DNC when said DNC pre-sold the Democratic nomination to Hillary and then had to move Heaven and Earth (and millions of votes) to deliver.  When Tulsi discovered what the DNC was doing in the back rooms, she stepped down and, later, decried the development.  This did not sit well with the Democratic power structure and Tulsi has been persona non gratis ever since.

So maybe the Democratic power structure has decided to call anyone they don’t like Russian bots.  Still, it does seem strange, to me, that one of the voices that exposed the DNC/Hillary deal back in 2016 is now a target of such “charges.”  For the record, Tulsi denies any interest whatsoever in running a third party campaign.  For MY part, I still think Tulsi is a “good Democrat” – meaning a party loyalist, even if the party isn’t loyal to her.  (Tulsi is a progressive “good Democrat.”  Officially, that’s her second strike – integrity being the first…)

And Hillary?  Well, she charged Jill Stein with the same thing.  It seems like Hillary sees Russians everywhere, these days.  In fact, Hillary has several explanations for why she couldn’t beat Donald Trump.  NONE of them have to do with her lousy campaign…


Yesterday, two astronauts went on a spacewalk to repair something on the international space station.  That doesn’t seem like much of a story these days, does it?  So, spice it up a bit.  Both astronauts were women!  Did they both rip off their spacesuits and engage in hot girl-on-girl action?  No.  They just did their job.  I know, it’s supposed to be hailing an historic event.  The first all-female EVA.  Ooohhh!  Ahhhh!  It kind of feels like a back-handed compliment, to me.  “Wow, even a woman could do it.”

The Russians sent the first woman,Valentina Tereshkova, into space in 1963.  Apparently, women have been perfectly capable of working in space just as long as men have done.  It’s just that the men wouldn’t let them.  Perhaps the headline should read, ‘Men Finally Pull Their Heads Out Of Their Asses And Make Use Of ALL Of Their Assets.’  It seems that’s all that has really happened.  Still, congratulations to the two women, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, on their hysteric – or, rather, historic – event…


I’m kind of counting on the UK’s version of our Donnie Dumbass, Boris Johnson, to deliver on his promise of delivering a no-deal Brexit.  The move will do serious harm to the world economy.  Donnie Dumbass is doing what he can do wreck the American economy and with Boris throwing in, a downturn is nearly inevitable.  Even trumpsters might understand…okay, no, not trumpsters but an economic downturn will almost certainly support a change in the current maladministration.  So I’m a little disappointed to see that in Great Britain, the grown-ups are still running the show.  In blocking the no-deal Brexit scheduled for later this month, my hopes of an economic downturn hurting Donnie’s chances dim, a bit…

One thought on “Smears, Smacks, and Smugness…

  1. I agree with your HRC assessment, but I wouldn’t have voted for Gabbatd anyway. Hillary lost because she thought she couldn’t.

    Pretty amazing. I jest of course.

    English rumpT is vowing to do what he wants in spite of what the representatives voted. Just like here.

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