Lock Him Up!

I have to say, I think it’s funny that Donnie Dumbass has gone – TWICE, now – to public events only to discover what REAL Americans actually think of him.  He went to game 5 of the World Series where he was greeted by boos and calls to “lock him up.”  So, then he goes to a UFC bout where he’s greeted by even more boos.  Okay, so in fairness the UFC crowd DID include some of his supporters, who cheered.  Of course, one cannot ignore the possibility that his supporters came specifically to prop up the fragile ego of our national embarrassment.  I guess he should stick to the safe zones of his little Nuremberg rallies where the crowd is carefully controlled to include only those who will sing his praises…


Okay, so as I score this, it looks very much like most (all?) of those who participated in the criminal phone call – I mean, those who were actually on the line listening – have agreed that the President broke the law.  Several have now testified under oath that they were so concerned by what they heard they reported the matter to their appropriate supervisors.

On the other hand, opinion-mongers and talking heads are certain that the President didn’t do anything wrong – because he said so.  After all, what criminal ever lies about their crimes?  “Look at the transcript,” they say.  For clarity, there IS no “transcript” at this point.  What the White House provided is called an abstract.  It (supposedly) shows what happened in the call but it is NOT an actual word-for-word record.  THAT document has been withheld.  (Because who DOESN’T withhold proof of innocence when that exists?)

This is the trick of the cons going back to the launch of Fox “News”; opinions in place of facts but pretended to be just as valuable.  Of course, opinions are NOT just as valuable.  Many statements presented as “opinions” are, in fact, bold faced lies.  But one can’t take legal action against an “opinion”, right?

Some of the less…sophisticated consumers of conservative bubble drivel try, from time to time, to prove some assertion or another from the bubble by taking it into court.  It’s ALWAYS a mistake.  I remember when conservatives were having a great time pretending Obama was born outside of America.  Oh, how easy it was to just insist that, no, that’s not what a Hawaiian birth certificate looks like – as though most of them had ever seen a Hawaiian birth certificate themselves.  As long as it’s just agreed-upon conservative blather, the conversation can go on forever.  But if some true believer – say, Orly Taitz – makes the mistake of trying to PROVE something in an actual court of law the case is universally summarily dismissed – usually with prejudice (meaning they can’t bring the case again…)  All it really proved is that Orly Taitz doesn’t understand things…

So the opinion-mongering blatherers are on about how Trump is totally innocent and the greatest thing since…some other great thing.  But Trump’s crimes are undergoing legal processes, now.  The trumpsters can insist anything they like but the court action will prove larger in the process.  It had better, anyway.  If the trumpsters succeed in letting Donnie get away with these high crimes and misdemeanors, they will have “protected their President” but “destroyed their country.”  Lovely…


Now I see some of the farthest right voices are threatening civil war if Trump is called to answer for his crimes.  Nice.  Here’s the thing: the LAST time conservatives were deceived into betraying their country and took up arms, TRUE Americans kicked their asses.  It was bloody, costly, and destructive – and we’ll do it again, if you force us.

Ironic, isn’t it?  Conservatives pretend to LOVE the Constitution but are willing to trample it under foot because some opinion-monger told them a lie they prefer to believe.

Smart people – TRUE Americans – are eschewing “opinions” in favor of “journalism.”  If you’re going to start actually killing people – you’d better make damn sure your facts are true and not just assertions of the opinion-mongers…

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