In law, there’s a thing called ‘Double Jeopardy.’  Bearing in mind that I’m no lawyer, the basic concept of Double Jeopardy is that a person can’t be tried twice for the same crime.  Well, kinda.  A person actually CAN be tried twice for the same crime.  It’s just that the prosecution can’t use evidence that has already been adjudicated.

So, let’s say a guy gets tried for murder but the case is mostly circumstantial.  A car like his was seen in the area.  He’s known to have that kind of wrench.  Someone saw someone who looked like him but couldn’t be absolutely certain.  So the guy is acquitted.  Then, home security video is discovered that shows the guy getting out of his car, captures the license plate, shows the killer looking directly into the camera as he bludgeons his victim.  The killer is even still wearing his name tag from work!  They CAN arrest the guy and try him again.  THIS time, they’ll only use the video but the video is conclusive.  Guilty.

House Democrats rushed their impeachment inquiry.  I don’t know why.  (They never discuss these things with me.)  There was some “urgency” that also allowed for a month-long hold for a power play.  Call it ‘Prosecutus Interruptus.’  They pulled out before they were finished and pretty much made a mess of everything.

It seems likely that, Republicans having declared their intent to nullify the process, Democrats just figured, “Why put all that work into something that has already been declared DOA?” and took what they could get, creating Articles of Impeachment that – in my opinion – made the case but allowed corrupt Republicans to lie, lie, lie.  (Which, of course, they’ll do under any circumstances…)  I watched every minute of the event that I could.  One thing that became clear was the GOP kept arguing – among other things – about how LONG the process might take.

So the GOP is going to whitewash the process and nullify the impeachment rendering whatever evidence was presented unusable in the future.  The thing is, AFTER the impeachment articles were drawn up, so much more evidence became available the Dems were shown to have rushed the thing WAY too fast.  And most of the new evidence is BETTER evidence consisting of firsthand accounts from people who were in the room at the time (John Bolton) or specifically participated in the process (Lev Parnas).

So…what if, the moment the corrupt Senate nullifies the process, the House took another vote and impeached the motherfucker again!  THIS time, they could take the first vote the GOP insisted was the most important thing in the world.  THIS time, they could take their subpoenas to court and have the courts rule that, yes, the executive branch DOES have to comply with subpoenas.  THIS time, they could use firsthand witnesses and eventually, get the documents they didn’t get last time.  Their first run at it was so slipshod, they could lose ALL of that evidence and STILL present a stronger case.

No, of course they won’t.  But I like the idea…


Has anybody else been noticing the drop in the DOW?  How could you not?  Over 600 points the day the corrupt Senate voted down justice.  Despite what Americans are told daily in the corporate media, the DOW is nothing more than a CEO happiness index.  If someone cuts pay for the workers, the DOW goes up because the CEO gets to keep more money.  If someone has to pay a fair wage, the DOW goes down because CEO’s DON’T get to keep as much money.

The official, corporate reason given for the drop in the DOW is that Wuhan is closed due to illness.  I have to grant, closing a city of eleven million people IS going to have an impact on the world economy and it makes sense the DOW might react.

But, to me, it ALSO makes sense that the business community isn’t happy about the corrupt Senate’s actions.  Severing the checks and balances that maintained this once-great nation since the start destabilizes…um…everything.  When, in history, has a country devolved into dictatorship and seen things get BETTER for business and/or the average citizen?


The United Kingdom leaves the European Union on the same day the corrupt US Senate votes down justice.  It seems appropriate that the UK and the US die the same day.  In the United Kingdom, Scotland is moving quickly to create the not-so-united kingdom.  Scotland wants OUT of the UK and back into the EU.  I suspect Northern Ireland will soon follow, lest they be cut off from the rest of Ireland by hard borders.

England will still have Wales, of course, so they still get to be “United.”  But they’re not going to be as strong, economically, as they were with Northern Ireland and Scotland.  The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, is taking a hard-line approach to the EU, which is funny since the EU has all the power in the negotiations.

I expect a severe downturn in England’s economy.  I think the same is going to happen to the American economy because of the failure of the American government.  (That kind of destabilization is never good for economies…)  I expect a rough ride.

Plan accordingly…


Now let’s set aside the boring stuff and get to the important news.  The Santa Clara 49ers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowel 54! (That’s not a typo.  One is supposed to pay the NFL if you use their actual game name.  But you know what I mean…)  I like the Niners and want them to win.  The Chiefs are a VERY good team and have a very real chance of winning as well.  As the Super Bowel, I’m hoping it’s not a crappy game!  It promises to be a very entertaining.  So, I’m going to use this space to hope for the health and safety of ALL of the players (AND that the NFL hasn’t already decided a “winner” brought about by selective officiating…)

Enjoy the game…

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