The Trump Pandemic…

By now, everybody has had the chance to watch the video of Donnie Dumbass scolding NBC reporter Peter Alexander for asking a question.  The ImPOTUS called him a “very bad reporter” and then went from there.  The thing is, I think trump’s rant gave people a glimpse of the workings – if you can call it that – of trump’s mind.

tiny hands
No telling which lie this photo captures…

Mr. Alexander asked what “Tiny Hands” would say to people who are scared.  Part of trump’s rebuke was that the question contained “a very bad signal that you’re putting out to the American people.”

Now, we all know that one of the functions of a President – or in this case trump – is to calm people in times of crisis and I honestly think that’s what trump thinks he’s doing.  He honestly seems to think that lying to people – badly – will calm them.  His lies are so stupid and destructive the CDC team has to correct him right away – often in real time.  NOBODY believes the trumpery.  There’s no calming affect to lying to a person in a way they know isn’t true.  But trump doesn’t know that…


One of the lies Dumbass insists on telling is that he’s in complete control of the process and has an amazing, astounding, “unpresidented” understanding of the situation.  (Actual doctors try to hide their faces as they roll their eyes…)  Another lie he likes to repeat, ad nauseum, is that he “inherited a bad system.”  We know this isn’t true.  We KNOW it was his administration that disbanded the pandemic response team that had existed specifically to address this kind of situation.

His supporters point to John Bolton as the person who eliminated the team.  Donnie lies that he didn’t even know it happened.  (Video exists of the presser where he – Dumbass – is telling reporters – the day after the team was disbanded – how useless the team was and how quickly and easily he could rebuild it should the need arise…)

So, I’ll need a little guidance from my cons.  IS Donald J. Trump the master controller of his maladministration with his tiny little finger on the pulse of every event and in perfect control of every decision made as each of his sycophantic minions claim?  OR, is he an out-of-touch, lazy, Fox “News” watching moron who hasn’t got a clue who’s doing what in his name?  It can’t be both.

Before you answer, please remember; we have video…


Anybody who lives outside the conservative bubble knows that Fox “News” exists to deceive as many Americans as possible into undermining America.  Fox often takes contrarian views, either to attack Democrats/America or to support conservatives.  So it was natural when the Trump Pandemic started that Fox told their viewers that it was all just hokum; literally a hoax perpetrated by, I don’t know, Democrats…the Chinese…just anybody but ImPOTUS.

But after a couple of months of downplay, Fox had an awakening and – along with this maladministration – turned on a dime and started telling people to take Covid-19 seriously.  Now, here’s the thing: most of the audience of Fox “News” is old.  I mean…WAY old.  Covid-19 is most dangerous to…wait for it…OLD people!  Especially old men.

This is just me, now, speculating, but it seems as though Fox realized that their standard contrarian viewpoint in this case ran the risk of wiping out the Fox “News” audience!  They had no choice but to resort to science, like it or not.  (And they don’t.)  Whatever it takes, I guess…


As the conservative fever dream of the glories of the so-called “free market” crash down around them, I’ve noticed my cons have mostly retreated to their hidey-holes until Fox tells them it’s safe to come out and start relentlessly regurgitating bullshit again.  Every day, more and more people are understanding that Socialism, not Capitalism, will save the day and overcome this virus.  The more Capitalism “they” try to infuse into the process the longer it will take to solve and the more people will die.  But it seems the U.S. held out to create it’s own test in the name of profit and Donnie Dumbass has made more than one attempt to buy any vaccine that gets developed in order to profit.

Yes, I know.  The World Health Organization didn’t, technically, offer their test to the US and it’s common for countries to develop their own tests.  But the WHO HAD functional tests while the US was developing their own.  When the US test ran into manufacturing problems, the WHO STILL had tests that worked.  People ALL OVER THE WORLD are using the WHO test and defeating this virus.  Meanwhile, the US is still trying to manufacture and roll out their own test.

Crapitalism is literally killing Americans…

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