It’s An Illness…

Trump being Trump…

There’s a good article in the Guardian.  The headline and the subhead each tell conflicting stories.  The headline, ‘Trump says briefings ‘not worth the effort’ amid fallout from disinfectant comments.‘  The subhead? ‘The President remained behind closed doors after advisors reportedly warned him that the briefings were hurting his campaign.’

It’s worth reading the original but I’ll save you some time.  Trump has been using the daily Covid-19 briefings as little campaign rallies, bragging about himself, insisting he’s doing a great job, pretending he knows things, and blaming anyone – everyone – not himself.  The thing is, daily appearances by Trump have served to expose him as the tiny-minded, flim-flam man he is.

He saw, and seized, the opportunity of the daily briefings to campaign for free.  The efforts have hurt his re-election bid.  His advisors suggested he stop so he stepped aside for a day or so with a snooty response, ‘not worth the effort.’  Like a cold sore, though, he’ll be back.  Irritating, obnoxious, demanding to be seen, he’ll be back.  The man has the self-control of a two-year old.  There’s no way he’s letting cameras focus on somebody in his administration who isn’t him for any length of time…


The fallout from the ongoing debacle that is the Trump Administration’s handling of the current crisis is going to continue for some time to come; first illness, then financial, then illness again, and then financial some more.  All the while, this administration sits back making wrong-headed, ideological choices.

Did you know?  This is the EXACT same mistake Republicans made in the run-up to the first Republican Great Depression.  Simply put, they didn’t DO anything in response to the brewing crisis because of an ideology that suggested the economy should (and would) sort itself.  The same problem infected their thinking in the run-up to the second Republican Depression in 2008.  Can’t regulate derivatives.  That would be too much government interference.  Besides, what could go wrong?  Um…

And now they’re doing it again.  The current economy is in desperate trouble and Republicans are focusing all of their attentions on those who need help the least.  I’m not surprised.  It’s the Republican way.  “Comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted.”  Conservative media sold their consumers a bill-of-goods called ‘Supply Side Economics’ or colloquially, ‘Trickle-Down Economics.’

Of course, anyone with the sense of a stick of butter knows, now, that the whole thing was a scam that hasn’t worked, doesn’t work, and will not work.  But you know what DOES trickle?  Economic pain.  Not only does it absolutely trickle, it trickles UP.  The longer our Congress Critters ignore the plight of those at the bottom of the economic scale, the worse the subsequent economic crash is going to be.

Meanwhile, as those at the bottom suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous economic fortunes, the Trump administration is working as hard as it can to INCREASE the price of gas AND the cost of mailing a letter.  INCREASE costs on people already desperate and struggling?  Why…that IS the Republican way!


So, the World Health Organization is coordinating worldwide efforts to find a vaccine to combat the Coronavirus.  The civilized nations are working together to find something.  They’re sharing information and coordinating efforts AND they’re committed to getting any resulting vaccine out to anybody who needs it as quickly as possible.

Victims of the Greatest Nation on Earth™, though, won’t benefit.  I mean, they COULD benefit.  The civilized nations have said they’ll include the U.S. even if the U.S. is too stupid to participate in the process (not an exact quote).  My prediction?  I think the U.S. will refuse any resultant medications.  Ideology again.

If the WHO effort succeeds and a vaccine is developed and then distributed around the world as needed, why, that would be Socialism.  (The horror!)  Besides, the pharmaceutical companies in the US won’t be able to price-gouge Americans if someone else holds the patent – or, worse yet, refuses to patent the vaccine at all and just allows it into the world.  (Oh, the humanity!)  No.  Americans are just going to have to keep dying until the U.S. develops it’s OWN vaccine that some corporation can own, control, and extort usury profits.

Political campaigns are famous for bluster and huge sweeping statements about the potential failings (and, therefore, dangers) of the opposition.  But I think this time, it’s for real.  Thinking Americans had to vote out Herbert Hoover and the Republicans in order get any relief in the 1930’s.  Thinking Americans had to vote out Bush 43 and the Republicans in order to get any relief in 2008.  Thinking Americans MUST vote out Trump and the Republicans in 2020.  These guys are literally killing Americans trying to make a buck…