Great Lies…

white house
I hear Covid-19 is starting to be detected in the White House.  Fingers crossed…


It looks like conservatives expect people to get upset over the unsubstantiated accusations against Joe Biden.  It’s funny.  They never seem to understand how their double standards degrade positions.  When conservatives said similar charges against Trump didn’t matter, they were saying – like it or not – NO such charges matter.

Okay, the truth is, if her story made more sense, I’d think it worth a second look as well.  But it doesn’t.  Her story is nonsense.


Apparently, Mississippi is America’s poorest state – chock-full of conservatives.  No relation between the two – at least as far as the conservatives can see.  Now they’re among the leaders in the push to re-open.  It will be interesting to see.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time debating the relative merits of injecting disinfectants or shoving lights up one’s ass or whatever and I think I’ve reached a point where my attitude is, hey, do it.  Either they’ll stumble upon something that actually works, or there will be significantly fewer Trump voters in November.

Either way, the rest of us can’t lose, right?


Oh, God, yesterday I saw my first Trump campaign commercial.  The problem with him being so completely incompetent at his job is that he’ll want to campaign even harder now.  That means more commercials…but I think he’s wasting money.

Trump doesn’t need to convince people who might vote Trump and won’t be able to convince people who won’t vote Trump.  His base believes anything Fox “News” or this Onan network tells them.  The result is they have no clue about what’s really happening or why and they think Trump is actually doing a great job.  (This in support of the Nazi position that if one repeats a lie often enough people will believe it.)

Fact-based individuals, though, know that Trump has failed this once-great nation in just about every measurable way.  Advertisements that pretend he’s great won’t be able to affect those of us who know better…


As of this writing: 78,789 dead in the U.S. from Covid-19.

Conservatives are being told that, no, it’s probably, like, 22 dead from Covid-19.  Conservatives are being told that doctors across the land are just making up numbers.  Conservatives seem to actually believe that doctors from sea to shining sea would risk their professional reputations and medical licenses just to overstate the severity of Covid-19 – all for profit…or just the joy of making Trump look bad.  (The story is “fluid.”)

I’ll tell you this: Trump doesn’t need any help to look bad.  He makes a fool of himself every day…

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