“Death To America…”

“Perhaps on your death bed you may realize the futility of the propaganda you pumped out there and if the world has collapsed you caused it!

I saw this in a social media feed yesterday.  It was written by a conservative to a progressive.  You might want to read that again.  It was written by a conservative to a progressive.  I imagine he had something different in mind, something specific, but still, I was shocked to see it.  I thought maybe it was a joke.  THEN I wondered why.

With victory – the collapse of the United States of America – right in the grasp of the one percent, why would a conservative avoid the credit they so richly deserve in destroying a once-great nation?  This should be their moment!  They SHOULD be in the streets celebrating the poverty, desperation, sickness, and hardship they’ve worked so long and so hard to bring about, right?  (Trickle-down’s ass…)

You see, conservatives have been shouting ‘Death to America’ going all the way back to Reagan.  No, of course that’s not an exact quote.  Instead, it’s the ongoing essence of the message of the conservative movement.  (Note: I don’t need the agreement of conservatives to know it’s true…)

When Reagan first uttered his famous, bullshit nine words, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” it translated into ‘Death to America.’  In fact, it was the first salvo.  Then we got Paul Weyrich teaching conservatives that voter suppression SHOULD be the American way because conservatives can’t win when there’s a large turnout.  (Google “Goo-goo Syndrome”)  Voter suppression has been a TOP conservative priority ever since – all the while pointing a fraudulent charge at Democrats.  Restricting the votes of Americans?  Voting is one of the most fundamental rights of Americans.  How is that NOT ‘Death to America?’

Newt Gingrich came along and did more damage with his ‘Contract With America.’  He used a list created by one Frank Luntz to re-frame issues in this country.  The ‘Inheritance Tax’ became the ‘Death Tax’ for example.  After that it was easy to convince the simplest Americans that dead people were being taxed.  Giving everything a false but sinister name to confuse Americans and sow discord?  ‘Death To America.’

Grover Norquist is the conservative famous for saying he didn’t want to destroy government.  He just wanted to reduce it to a size where he could drown it in a bathtub.  Sounds like ‘Death to America’ to me…

Bill Clinton can’t be left out of this, either but then, he was far and away one of the greatest conservative Presidents this country has ever seen.  I know, he ran as a Democrat.  But he governed as a conservative, “reforming” Welfare, eliminating the free press, repealing Glass-Steagal, refusing to regulate these new-fangled “derivatives” and most importantly to this piece, issuing the necessary waivers to allow the dis-informing, propaganda machine that is Fox “News” to take to the airwaves.  ‘Death to America’ indeed.

Tax cuts for the wealthy, always pressed for by conservatives and always sold to the American people as economic stimulation, never stimulated the economy even once.  But they DID starve the government of the resources it needs to do it’s job and THAT is the true goal of constant, destructive tax cuts.  It’s sabotage, straight up.  Attacking the American government from within MUST be understood as ‘Death to America.’

Skipping over many other examples and fast-forward to today.  Well, 2017.  Shortly after Donald J. Trump was installed by the Russians (with active support from conservatives), Steve Bannon declared that Trump’s job was “the deconstruction of the administrative state.”  That’s a nice, friendly-sounding way of saying he intended to dismantle and destroy the American government.  As is well known outside of the conservative bubble, this he has done – with abandon.  The American government is now viewed worldwide as laughing-stock.  The so-called President is such a complete flop – not only as a President but just as a decent human being – estimates are that, so far, 36,000 Americans have died from the pathetic Federal response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We’re an object of pity from other nations…

I wanted to call him a ‘failure’ but the truth is, if his JOB is to destroy America, he’s done that quite effectively – or, at least, put in place the people best able to destroy America.  The current administration has attacked so many things so quickly, decent people just haven’t been able to keep up.  And, as I said, they announced it as their intent.  ‘Death to America,” in reality…

Covid-19 is going to prove to be the death knell of the once-competent United States.  The one percent went on the war path against America and, after enlisting the aid of far-right conservatives and after 40 years, they’ve won.  But this has been the effort, intent, and goal of conservatives, not progressives, for decades.  Their dedication to opinion, assertion, and anecdotes coupled with their disregard of evidence, facts, and science did it.  But I’m not going to let them blame progressives.  Conservatives did it.  THEY need to own it…

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