The Hand-Basket…

Well, it looks as though the cons are still looking for some narrative that makes George Floyd the bad guy in his murder.  He was on drugs, you know?  Smoked a joint, that’s probably what did it.  No, Fentanyl, that was it!  He was dead already, he just hadn’t died yet.  But, SINCE he was dead already a grown man sitting on his neck couldn’t POSSIBLY had done any harm.  Besides, there was an Asian cop AND a black cop in the area so a white man sitting on a black man’s neck until he was dead couldn’t POSSIBLY have anything to do with racism.  Besides, they knew each other from before.

Yeah, it’s a challenge getting around that whole ‘grown man sitting on another man’s neck until he died’ thing but the conservatives will keep trying.  They’ll repeat their false mantra as many time as necessary to internalize it…


The truth is, I’m really kind of tired of conservative bunk.  This has been going on SO long, it’s just boring.  Yeah, I know.  You can form sentences.  You can be contrary.  You don’t need no stinkin’ evidence.  Someone’s opinion is every bit as valuable as someone else’s evidence.  Cons form contrary sentences just because they can.  It’s predictable, dependable, even.  Pick an issue.  If there’s ANY risk a con will be exposed on something, there WILL BE a counter story.  Can’t prove it?  No evidence?  Doesn’t matter, that’s the story and they’re sticking to it.

I operate on the axiom that a position that depends on falsehood for it’s defense doesn’t deserve to be defended.  Conservatives operate on their own “rule” that a position that depends on falsehood for defense has been cleverly defended and defending a false position could NEVER go wrong.  That’s why trash talking Covid-19 made it go away and ignoring global warming caused the great cooling (only 100 degrees at the North Pole the other day!) and it totally explains how all of those protestors keep forcing government possibly-cops to beat them and shoot them in the face.  That’s why sitting on a man’s neck for nearly nine minutes couldn’t POSSIBLY have done any harm.  That’s why they ALL insisted they wouldn’t mind being water-boarded – so long as none of them ever were…

All one need do is state their preferred position and – voila! – preferred position becomes absolutely, unalterably true.  How nice.  Here, let me try…  ‘All conservatives always use logic, intelligence, evidence, and expertise to arrive at conclusions.’

Well, crap…that didn’t work…


I heard on PBS the other day that Trump has talked to his handler Putin as many as eight times since March.  The wanna-be dictator getting advice from the pro?  Perhaps they’re strategizing the next “election.”  How many Russians does it take to preserve the power of an insane person?  Sounds like the set-up of a bad joke.  I hope we never get to find out – but I’m scared.  I’m CERTAIN that if the “election” is left up to Americans and Americans alone, Trump is gone.  But I’m NOT certain that the “election” WILL be left up to Americans and Americans alone.  I oppose Russian interference.  Conservatives defend it.  Trump is depending on it…


One of the stories the conservatives cling to is that the government – their government – would never take their guns.  Cons have told me that they KNOW military and law enforcement would refuse an order to violate people’s Second Amendment rights.  I agree.  My response is always that the cops and/or military (increasingly difficult to tell the difference these days) won’t be told they’re taking the guns of law-abiding citizens.  They’ll be told they’re protecting their loved ones from terrorists.  Cons always laugh at me.

So what’s the story of the protestors in Oregon?  Why, they’re terrorists destroying a once vibrant city and turning it into a flaming hellscape.  Trump’s possibly-cops gestapo seem to be very much enjoying their violations of Americans First Amendment rights.  They’re certainly enthusiastic about it…


I wish Biden would stop dithering and just pick a freaking running mate, already.  I also wish he’d pick Susan Rice.  The only REAL knock on her is that she has never run for public office before.  But the more governing experience Americans can put into the Oval Office and the Congress to undo all the damage done by trumpery and the conservatives, the better off we’re going to be…

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