Trumpery and Other Frauds…

I sure hope nobody put too much faith in Lying Lisa Murkowski’s claims that she wasn’t sure she would go along with her hypocritical conservative team in confirming Barrett. This is just her game. She, along with Susan Collins, regularly announces she’s considering not standing with the Republicans on some issue or another. Of course, (spoiler alert) she ALWAYS does.

My own suspicion is that it’s a negotiating ploy. She publicly claims she may not go along, she gets some special consideration from the party, and at the last minute, she does as she’s expected to do. She’s a VERY dependable conservative vote. Of COURSE she’s going to vote to confirm. There was really never any question…


I don’t want to be the one to defend Rudy Giuliani so could I PLEASE ask my liberal counterparts to NOT make hay of something that isn’t anything? Giuliani isn’t married. If he wants to go back to a woman’s room for a drink, there’s no reason he shouldn’t. Disclaimer: I haven’t seen the movie. If Rudy had reason to believe she was 15 before they went upstairs, I disavow my own position. But from what I’ve gathered, he went up to her room for a drink. It would certainly be reasonable to assume she was of drinking age. In fact, the actress who played the 15 year old daughter is 24.

Rudy Giuliani is a shit-stain. Nobody has to make up things to make this guy look bad…


For example, shit-stain Rudy is the source of the so-called “laptop from hell” that turned out to be little more than a “laptop from aw, heck.” I know, conservatives are all over it, all of them convinced without question Hunter Biden has been incriminated by evidence of wrongdoing from his own laptop. Of course, conservatives are lost in an alternative world of alternative facts and, at this point, can be made to believe anything. Or, at least, pretend to believe anything.

But for the rational people still among us…first, I haven’t seen ANY incriminating evidence. So far, it’s all innuendo – a whispered smear campaign even the cons can’t agree upon. The cons need to make the charges BAD. The story starts with simple emails “proving” Hunter Biden tried to get Joe Biden involved in something nefarious (they don’t). Not enough, they added that there are pictures of Hunter with a crack pipe. (Yeah, Hunter had a drug problem. Not news.) So, I briefly heard there was child porn on the computer. I think they had to drop that one because if there’s child porn on a computer people are making copies of and passing around, every person who handles the laptop (outside of law enforcement, of course) is guilty of trafficking in child porn! So that one went away.

More importantly, though? The evidence in question – a copy of a hard drive that may or may not have once belonged to Hunter Biden – sure has some problems with chain of custody. Apparently, they can’t even prove that the laptop in question ever really belonged to Hunter and by now it’s been handled by so many different people there’s no way to prove who did what nor when they did…whatever. Sorry, cons. No sale…


The Trumpery keeps touting the notion that 2.2 million people haven’t died as a result of his feckless failure on Covid-19 so he guesses it’s a win. Hell, why not make up a bigger number, since you’re just rambling? 38.6 billion people not dying makes his body count look MUCH better.

As of this writing? 223,393 dead US citizens.

During the last “debate” Trumpery, himself, said Biden had mishandled a flu outbreak. Trumpery, himself, admitted the flu wasn’t nearly as virulent as Covid but then insisted that if it had been Biden would have done a bad job handling it. What an…unsupportable assertion…

We all know, now, that Trumpery DID know how bad it was going to be and chose not to do anything about it. Sidebar: has it crossed anybody else’s mind that any vaccine that gets developed will be made available in this once-great nation for the low, low price of…whatever they think they can force you to pay? A vaccine developed in another country and offered up for free will be refused by the US as “unsafe” and the American people will have to wait until an American company comes up with something that can be monetized.

These days? It’s the American way…

One thought on “Trumpery and Other Frauds…

  1. The Rudy thing—I saw the clip. Rudy is slime but, and I can’t believe I’m defending him, he really was set up. The “girl” was all over him, touched him a lot, actively flirting. Like you said, he’s single. I didn’t know the “gothca” was that she is supposed to be 15 but even that is a set up—she looks about 24.

    Rudy IS slime. They didn’t need to go to so much trouble to make him seem more so.

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