Maybe Decent Ideas…

I’m sure it’s just me but I think Republicans should try to come up with some decent ideas and convince people rather than just bully and cheat their way through “elections.”

If you scroll down a bit and click on the first clip in this video, you’ll see a gaggle of trumpsters harassing a Biden/Harris bus. There’s a woman narrating events and she thinks it’s funny as hell that they’re “running him out of town.” If you watch to the end (it’s a short loop) you’ll see one of the trumpsters ram another car. Apparently, the local police are trying to determine if it was intentional.

The dumbass, of course, supported the action, even re-tweeting video…


But they can’t do that, of course – offer decent ideas. So, they cheat. Sure, I know, they jump up and down and scream and yell about all the cheating going on by Democrats. Pure projection. The Democrats aren’t cheating, the Republicans are and if they didn’t? They’d never win another election again. Even the orange moron said so.

That’s why the GOP is in court right this minute trying to get the Texas Supreme Court to throw out over 117,000 ballots. Okay, so, apparently, the court has already deflected several attempts by cheating Republicans to stop people from voting and it seems likely this one will fail, too. But, damn, people. Just offer up some decent ideas. Don’t just try to impress your stupid and racist base. Try to impress intelligent people, too. Maybe you’ll get somewhere…


The reality, of course, is that Republicans don’t have any decent ideas to run on. There’s a simple reason. The Republican party has been infected and co-opted by so-called “objectivist” Libertarians. Objectivism is a boneheaded philosophical position first espoused by Ayn Rand. The weakest thinkers in our society (they would have to be for her “work” to make sense to them) glomed onto the concepts and eventually created the Libertarian Party.

Most people understood the Libertarian Party was made up of extremists and misfits and the Libertarians stayed, properly, outside the mainstream of American politics. But they didn’t stay there. Realizing the official party would likely never amount to much due to their radical positions, they began to infiltrate the Republican party. As Libertarian influence in the GOP grew, more and more traditional Republicans left the party.

Now the Republican Party is basically the same intellectual wasteland as the Libertarians. That doesn’t mean they’re not a threat. They’ve been cheating for decades and, as such, they’ve built themselves a very difficult to defeat advantage via gerrymandering and entrenched voter suppression techniques. They’re not going to be easy to overcome even though it looks, as of this writing, as though the left is fed up and coming out in force.

Remember, the reviled Hillary beat him by nearly 3 million votes but mismanaged the Electoral College. I guess we’re going to need significantly more than 3 million to win AND be allowed to serve. That’s not okay. The GOP is making it VERY difficult to have a peaceful revolution. Remember the words of JFK: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”