This is true. I’ve got a serious conflict within me about wearing masks. No, I’m not opposed. I know they’re important and I understand why. Accordingly, when I need to wear one, I wear one. But after nearly a year having to mask up to buy milk, I’m REALLY tired of them. So, every time I have to don one, I find myself cursing trump’s name for his complete and utter failure to address the problem in a competent way. Or at all, really. But at the SAME time, I’m very aware that if Trump HAD addressed Covid-19 effectively, there’s a VERY good chance he might have “won” the “election.”

I wonder if there’s a word for being cursed (STILL wearing the mask) and blessed (rid of him) at the exact same time…

Just in passing, I find it a bit scary that TWICE, now, this country has been saved from collapse by illness. In the first case, the illness was Polio. FDR contracted it. In an effort to overcome it, he went to a natural spring said to have healing properties. While there, he was – horror of horrors (for a child of wealth) – exposed to the “common man.” It gave him an insight wealthy people don’t normally have. It gave him an understanding of what life is like for the non-trust fund crowd. That knowledge a) created the New Deal and b) created the greatest middle class (and economy) the world had ever seen. (Cons have since destroyed it…)

The second illness is the current Novel Coronavirus known as Covid-19. More than any other single factor, the failure of the dumbass to respond effectively to Covid-19 even as the death toll rose inexorably forced a change in the way elections operate and, likely, saved America from authoritarianism – at least for now.


The devil went down to Georgia, he was looking for an election to steal. He was in a bind because he was WAY behind and he kept trying to make a deal…

(Sorry, Charlie…)

The GOP was nervous about the Dumbass giving a speech in support of their two candidates, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. They were nervous he would focus only on himself and his delusions about the recent “election.” They were mostly right, although he did, apparently, finally get around to encouraging his votaries to come out for the run-off.

They will, too. Right now, the cons are out whining about how unfair the election was and how rigged the process is. There’s a logical response to an unfair process: don’t participate. Some of the most extreme members are calling loudly (always loudly) on other cons not to turn out for the GOP. Some on the left are hoping the boycott catches on. I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, here, but it won’t. EVERY GOP and con voter will turn out dependably. They just do. Sure, they’ll be happy to complain about – well, about everything, really – but specifically, they’ll bitch about the unfair process right up until the day they participate in it again. But make no mistake, participate they will.

Interestingly, there may be a surge in paper ballots. I know lefties aren’t supposed to say this because the cons are saying it but there’s just too much evidence that the voting machines are not trustworthy or secure to ignore. I think so many being forced to use paper in November – confounding Trump’s “certain” win – demonstrated the point. Cons know they lost on paper, too. My guess is, they’ll boycott the machines in favor of paper this time. Dems and Progressives had better do the same…


Speaking of Dems and Progressives, I’m kind of sad-laughing at my Progressive counterparts. Generally speaking, they’re the most intelligent of our society. (Hey, is that blatant pandering or just self-serving cockalorum?) They understand things on a level most Americans do not – say, for instance, that FDR’s New Deal was FAR better than today’s Screwed Deal. But they’re all butt-hurt that Biden isn’t picking more Progressives for his cabinet. Progressives pretend that since they came out “to help the Democrats,” the Dems owe them something – some kind of consideration.

But for THEIR part, the Dems know Progressives didn’t come out “for them.” We came out for ourselves. More accurately, we came out for our country. We knew that Trump HAD to be stopped and for a short, wonderful while, there, the goals of the Democrats and Progressives converged to our mutual benefit. But Trump has been defeated – something like 46 times, now! (I mean, he is SUCH a loser!) Progressives immediately returned to, “Hey, let’s make this country better!” and the Democrats immediately returned to “Let’s make sure not to rock the boat too much” and the conflict heated right up again.

We’ll figure it out. The important part is that, for now, the dumbass contingent has been stopped…

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