So…did you hear about the insurrectionists who intend to question the outcome of the “election” in the Senate on Wednesday? As of now, 11 Republican Senators and Senators-elect intend to insist the votes were wrong…somehow. No, they don’t have any evidence – any more than any previous “effort” of Team Trumpery. Their story is that they’re doing it because so many of their constituents have chosen to believe stupid things. I don’t buy the story. The trumpsters act on faith alone. They believe what they’ve chosen to believe and there’s no amount of evidence that’s going to change their predetermined minds – which means there’s no reason for the dog and pony show.

Except Georgia. The dumbass started sabotaging the Republican turn-out effort in Georgia by telling the dwellers of the alternate reality that the vote is illegal and invalid and encouraged his acolytes not to participate. Then, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz” (the dumbass’s nickname for him) pulled together his coalition of 11 cowardly toadies and said they’d challenge the vote. Then, the dumbass came out on Saturday and encouraged his oh-so-gullible automatons to get out and vote. Think about that. On Friday, the dumbass tells them NOT to participate and on Friday night, they all knew they would not participate. Then, on Saturday, he tells them to participate and on Saturday night they all knew they would participate. My guess is that they didn’t even remember their determination to boycott the process from…you know…the day before.

Yeah, yeah, the so-called “Senators” are within their legal right – but they’re just wasting time and even THEY know it. This is just a stunt to try to quell the dumbass tantrum. It would be great if there were consequences. How about this: if their “challenge” fails to demonstrate any irregularities – in the same way none of the recounts, audits, or even 60 lawsuits have demonstrated irregularities, each of the assholes who voted to support the anti-American waste of time gets removed from Congress.

Devoutly to be wished…

How about this. I hereby (and you know it’s official since I used ‘hereby’) declare that I don’t trust the vote outcome in, say, Florida so there must be an investigation, review, audit, recount, and decertification of all trump votes in that state – because that’s apparently how it works now…


Cons think the dumbass is the greatest thing since Jesus. They pretend he’s done a perfect – dare I say – divine job regarding Covid-19 right from the start. But the evidence says he mishandled the outbreak, he mishandled the spread, and now his administration is mishandling the vaccine roll out as well.

As of this morning? Over 350,000 dead Americans…


Basically, I’m opposed to the personal income tax. This is going to become important because I think it’s time for Americans to push back against the one percent and the tax system is a very good, non-violent way to do that. BUT…I’m also conflicted because I’ve long doubted the personal income tax system currently in place is constitutional.

In simplest terms, I hold the position that our government cannot violate one section of the Constitution in an effort to enact another section of the Constitution. So, here’s what happened. The original Constitution of the United States, the main body, was written in 1787. That document gives Congress the power to lay and collect taxes. I’m under that impression because of Article I, Section 8 where it says, and I quote: “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes…” Pretty clear. BUT…

Several of the colonies would not ratify the Constitution as written without a specific list of protections for the citizenry of the nascent nation. These are known as the Bill of Rights. James Madison wrote them – in 1789. Two years later. So, here’s the thing. The Fourth Amendment says “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated…” Sure, we can debate the word “unreasonable” but it seems logical to me that if the government is free to peek into your panty drawer anytime they want to just by declaring such a search “reasonable” the Fourth Amendment basically means nothing. And if the Fourth Amendment DOES mean something, the government can’t force people to turn over their papers in violation of the Fourth Amendment in an effort to enforce Article 1, Section 8.

To make matters worse, the FIFTH Amendment includes this little gem. “…nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…” Granted, that part only comes into play if one makes a mistake or intentionally makes a false statement but I count it two against one. The government can’t force me to turn over my papers and can’t force me to provide information that may incriminate me just to enforce Article 1, Section 8.

For clarity, I pay my taxes as demanded and suggest you do the same. The slogan of our once-great nation is that we’re a nation of laws, not justice. Governments have implemented unjust laws since the beginning of time. I’m sure the government has already looked at this glaring conflict and declared their own position to be correct (no conflict of interest there) and they WILL send you to jail if they decide to…

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