Party On, Dude…

I’ve noticed that as the cons come slithering back to Facebook they’re trying to re-establish themselves as defenders of the cops, the so-called ‘Blue Lives Matter’ crowd. Personally, I think that ship has sailed. Your team, confronted by a cop doing his job, trying to keep you from attacking the Capitol and murdering members of congress and murdering the Vice-President of the United States – you know…as a display of your “patriotism” – murdered the cop. You didn’t “just comply” as you so often insist is the problem with people of color. You didn’t “follow orders.” You murdered the man.

So…’Blue Lives Matter’…unless the ‘Blue Life’ in question is in your way. Then? Yeah, kill that guy! You don’t get to have it both ways and actions speak louder than words. When the equation is ‘Blue Lives Matter’ vs ‘you killed a cop without justification,’ I believe the murder MORE than I believe the slogan…


I know the cons deny it, but rational people are all pretty clear that Donald Trump incited the insurrection in DC on January 6, 2021 because he’s a big, whiny-ass baby who simply could not accept his loss. (I suspect he had been guaranteed by his buddy, Putin, he was going to win and REALLY didn’t understand that the paper ballots changed things…) Liz Cheney (R, WY), among the last of what might be called “old school” Republicans voted to hold Donnie Dumbass responsible for his behavior. NOW, in an effort to prove that rational thought WILL NOT BE TOLERATED among the Republican Party, Wyoming has voted to censure Cheney. Basically, the Wyoming Republican party has voted not to support her anymore. They want her to return all financial contributions from the party AND they want her to resign.

I’d say the coup in the party is complete and all that’s left are some mop-up operations. The Libertarians decided to take over the Republican Party in an effort to gain some respectability. It worked for awhile. Now, though? The Libertarians HAVE successfully claimed the GOP but Libertarian “thinking” has destroyed the respectability it was trying to steal from the Republican Party. NOW, both the Libertarian Party AND the Republican Party are known to be bat-shit crazy and there’s no place left for common-sense, mainstream conservatives…


I’ve been pretty stunned watching the cons simply pretend they have never even HEARD of this, what’s it called? Quirk anon? Q abscond? Kevin McCarthy (Traitor, CA) – the House Minority “Leader” – said, “I don’t know if I say it right. I don’t even know what it is.” Liar. In truth, I don’t think he’s a fan of the farcical ‘Q’ but he’s been on television talking about Q-anon…and saying it right…

Still, that works in today’s Republican party – simply pretending you don’t recall what you said…yesterday. The cons do it all the time. I’ve long said cons don’t have principles, they have positions of the moment…


Count me OUT when it comes to recalling Gavin Newsom. Look, I think the guy did SERIOUS – maybe permanent – damage to his political future with one meal at the French Laundry. I don’t know ANYONE, left or right, who isn’t angry about that oh-so-stupid, oh-so-arrogant move. Even if we cut Newsom some slack for the vaccine rollout or the perplexing rule changes regarding who’s open and when and why, that one meal is going to dog that guy forever. But a recall? Now? No.

The end of a career?

Gavin stands for re-election in 2022. Check your calendar. That’s next year. Elections in California are EXPENSIVE. California has…other financial challenges right now and we don’t need to bleed off millions of dollars that could be used elsewhere to remove a governor one year early. It’s just stupid. Besides, the new guy won’t have any time to address any of these problems, either, so it’s really just a waste of money we don’t have and a further disruption to an already confused process. I won’t sign any petitions and I’ll vote against the recall, should it make the ballot.

But Gavin should take note. My objection to the recall isn’t based in my firm belief in the fabulous job he’s doing. It’s a simple, pragmatic calculation – a cost/benefit analysis that says the cost is too high and the benefit too low. When 2022 comes around? Sorry, Gavin. I’ll be checking my options.

Word is the French Laundry is one of the most expensive restaurants in California but my guess is Gavin didn’t expect it to cost him his entire political career. I hope that was one great meal…


It’s hard to predict, on this Super Bowl Sunday, which narrative is preferred by the NFL. Is this Tom Brady showing the world that he didn’t NEED the Patriots to cheat to win? Is this the old generation (um…that would be Brady at 43 years old) passing the torch to the new generation (Patrick Mahomes at 25)?

To MY mind, Brady will always be saddled with four asterisks. The first three Super Bowls – those the Patriots are KNOWN to have cheated to win – and “Deflate-gate” in which not enough evidence could be accrued to prove one way or another (especially by the NFL who “searched” for evidence with their collective eyes closed and in the dark). To MY mind, Brady displayed consciousness of guilt when he smashed his cell phone with a hammer rather than let the NFL see it.

I don’t get to pick who wins today’s game – that’s the NFL’s job – but if I DID get to pick, I would choose the Chiefs. Let’s just pass the torch and get those asterisks out of the game once and for all…

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