Scams and Distractions…

I STILL say Daylight Saving is a scam perpetuated by the fossil fuel industry to cause people to use more electricity and natural gas than they otherwise might. As nearly as anyone can tell, the primary result of Daylight Saving is to get people up an hour earlier – when the last of winter is still clinging stubbornly to the calendar. That means people have to turn on lights and turn up the heater in the mornings for just a couple of weeks longer. Daylight Saving serves no other purpose and should be revoked…


I noticed that Governor Abbott of Texas opened up his state fully – no restrictions. THEN, he started blaming “illegals” for coming across the border bringing Covid-19 into the state. It’s a classic “two-fer.” He gets to stand against science, a beloved conservative pastime, AND he gets to blame someone else for his own failures. In his mind, it’s a double “win” because the people he gets to blame for his own failures are more brown than him. Truthfully, I don’t care how many times he repeats his lies, the coming spike in Covid-19 in Texas will belong to Governor Abbott and no one else…


I hear that the Orange Moron’s hotel in Washington DC has become something of an abandoned building. According to the Guardian, staff outnumber guests these days. This certainly creates the appearance that, perhaps, people were only staying at his hotel to curry favor with the chump in the Oval Office. That certainly seems to violate the emoluments clause of the US Constitution. But now that people don’t HAVE to stay there, they aren’t staying there. I also suspect that with the dumbass’s links to his January 6th insurrection, discriminating people are keeping their distance. Watch for yet another failed business enterprise by one of the biggest business failures in American history…


Why don’t conservatives have to live the life they insist they want? I mean, I know the conservative rank and file want and need the Covid relief just as badly as everyone else. But the “representatives” they keep sending to Washington want ONLY to fluff the one percent. The GOP voted, en masse, against the Covid relief package. They said it is too expensive. Here’s a way to decrease the cost. Let’s just leave out registered Republicans in red states! No relief for Republican individuals, no relief for Republican-owned businesses, no relief for Republican controlled states.

When you think about it, most red states are poor, recipient states. (That means they take more government assistance than they generate in taxes.) Leaving them out of Covid relief SHOULD reduce the overall price tag considerably. I would think that would make them very, very happy. Maybe they’ll tire of their “rugged individualism” and start sending reasonable representatives to Washington again. Yeah, I know. Absolute denial of evidence means they never have to learn anything. For example? Well, every poor conservative in this once-great nation is about to benefit from Socialism! My guess? They’ll happily accept the Socialist relief check from the Federal government, then go back to bitching that Socialism and Federal governments are bad and have no place in life…


I’ve heard the British Royal Family is in upheaval. There are headlines every day about which whiny rich person said what to which other whiny rich person and, oh, the problems they have! How dark will a baby be? Listen, I’m white so I may be out of touch, here, but does that HAVE to be a racist question? I mean, she’s half white and half black. He’s a blindingly white ginger. Isn’t it possible someone was just idly speculating about dominant genes?

Rich people have some pretty distressing problems…


Speaking of which, my favorite news of the week is that Michael Cohen has been meeting with the Manhattan DA regarding the Trump Crime Family. Seven meetings, so far. John Dean, Nixon’s White House Counsel, says it’s only a matter of days until an indictment and Cohen says it’s not good news for Trump. Fingers crossed. I’d like to see the dumbass get what he deserves but I still say the devil loves his little minion and takes very good care of him. It will be interesting to watch this little drama of good (the Manhattan DA) vs evil (the devil’s favorite minion) play out. The thing is, I don’t think it will be contained to the Dumbass. It SHOULD encompass the entire crime family. Ex-Presidents don’t go to jail in the US but maybe the families of ex-Presidents still do…

2 thoughts on “Scams and Distractions…

  1. I think you might be guilty of focusing on Meghan’s privilege, discounting the pain of a person of color surrounded by a sea of white faces with subtle and not so subtle messages of “not quite right.”

    Families have been torn apart because of the color of a grandchild—people disowned and yes, asking “how dark might he be?” Is sort of like asking, “How retarded will he be?” The answer is, “How the f**k do I know and why does it matter?”

    The reason it matters is because we make value judgements based on color, IQ, etc. THAT’S why they were asking—they were worried about how he was going to look in the family portrait and yes, brother, it’s racist to wonder how dark the baby is going to be.

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