Time Wasters…

So…the recall is over. Gavin will stay governor until the regularly scheduled election – next year. What a stupid waste of money. I know, taking advantage of California’s stupid recall rules is pretty much the only way a modern conservative could ever hope to win a statewide office in California. That’s because most conservative politics these days are just bat-shit crazy. I saw many of the ads being run by the cons. The ads consisted of lists of issues. I didn’t hear any solutions. I DID hear some threats. Larry Elder said he would drop all mask mandates, killing Californians like we’re Floridians or Texicans. One guy ran around campaigning with a bear – and then got all butt-hurt when people paid more attention to the bear than to him. Take the hint, sir. The bear seemed more rational.

My guess is that Gavin will stay governor after the next election, too. I’m not sure I felt that way before. Gavin has made some stupid mistakes (French Laundry, anyone?) and I think he was on the ropes a little bit, there. The Republican Recall did more to rehabilitate Newsom’s career than anything Gavin might have done himself. So, the next time you meet a conservative, shake their hand and thank them for their service – to progressives…

Not surprisingly, the cons tried to trot out the Republican lie about rigged elections. Elder said he was concerned about “shenanigans.” To his credit, I haven’t heard him pushing the line since he conceded. I, for one, am tired of listening to cons talking about election fraud. Let’s be clear. No one in America cheats at elections like the Republicans. No one. Between gerrymandering and restrictive voting laws, they work tirelessly to deny voters the opportunity to vote – so long as they’re likely progressive voters.

California suffered many years under the weight of conservative gerrymandering. We passed a law that did away with the practice in the state. I’ll believe conservatives are interested in battling voter fraud when they pass similar laws in their states. They won’t, though. They’ll just keep pointing their fingers at progressives and screaming “voter fraud!” Nothing like a little conservative projection to get the day started. The con leaders KNOW they have nothing of value to offer average Americans so they have no choice. If they’re going to destroy America, they’ve GOT to cheat to do it. And, sadly, they’re bound and determined to destroy America…


Speaking of threatening America, the cons tried to hold a rally in support of the traitors who stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021. They called it the “Justice for J6” rally. Apparently, it was a flop, much as the original assault they’re not celebrating. Cons are trying to re-write the details of what happened. It’s one thing to encourage and/or take part in a direct assault on America, it’s another thing to take responsibility for it. So far, there are something like 650 cons “taking responsibility for their actions” (read: facing criminal charges) whether they want to or not. Saturday’s J6 rally brought out about half that number. The “bravest?” The “most dedicated?” No. Just the dumbest of the dumb…


I write these awesome essays on my blog page, http://www.mybaconpress.com, then post a copy to Facebook. I mention it because I’m a little curious to see how Facebook will respond to my highlighting their current kerfuffle. (Most likely? They won’t even notice…) Have you heard the charges being leveled at Facebook now? According to the Wall Street Journal, Facebook has understood the damage they do to our society for a long time. (Duh…) The Journal is using internal documents to support their charges. Facebook denies the charges and claims the Wall Street Journal is cherry picking internal information. After everything I’ve seen from Facebook, I’ll believe the Wall Street Journal on this one…

On the upside, we can look forward to an upcoming visit of Zuckerberg to Congress so he can offer the standard Facebook mea culpa. “Our bad.” “We’ll do better.” “We should have known.” Always remember, they did know…


I think it’s time to re-introduce regulations on, well, on just about everything. This country fell into a hell-hole of pretending regulations were bad and kept business from profiting. As always when it comes from cons, half-true. The regulations were good, in part because they kept businesses from profiting, or, rather, profiteering.

I don’t think business is inherently evil. Nor do I think they’re inherently good. Business exists for one reason: profit. They should, by rights, do every legal thing they can do to produce profit. That’s their job. So it’s up to the societies in which they operate to define what is legal and what is not through laws and regulations. As a society, we’ve abrogated our responsibility to set limits on business and, as a society, we’re now suffering the consequences. We need to take back control. WE need to provide the limits and the ethical guidance business lacks. Just a thought…

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