Exposition of Guilt…

CheetoJesus is actually suing to try to stop his base from finding out about his personal role in the January 6 insurrection. To be clear, he’s not saying he didn’t do anything wrong. He’s saying people shouldn’t be allowed to see what he did. It’s a little silly. Thinking Americans already know what he did and his base doesn’t care – they’d kill their own children for him. The smart money would have been to stay out of it. Of course, I have yet to see a single smart thing come from the dumbass. It’s not “proof,” of course, but from a purely logical point of view, it could easily be understood as a confession, of sorts. You see, if there was nothing to find out, there would be no reason to hide his activities. In fact, if he was innocent, one would think he would WANT to prove it. Instead, he demonstrates the opposite. Obviously, this will have to play out in court…

Trump is a traitor. If you support Trump, you’re a traitor, too. Ask the “patriots” who attacked the Capitol. They were waving the American flag as they assaulted our Republic and they can wrap themselves in the flag as they toddle off to prison – but they’re still traitors…


Workers are starting to get fired for not getting vaccinated. Good. I’m tired of this virus and the contrarians just keep it coming, over and over. Besides, they’ve made it easy for employers to gauge those who may not be up to the mental challenges of a given job…

Think about it. If you have an employee so selfish they don’t care about the damage they do to those around them and too stupid to understand that they are, in fact, doing damage to those around them, do you want them representing your company?


No joy. No…no DeJoy. One of the dumbass’s greatest “strengths” was in finding the very worst person to do a job and then put them into that job. It likely explains his long string of business failures. He has, after all, never started a successful company – which makes sense. HE certainly doesn’t know what he’s doing and putting in people who know even less is an excellent way to destroy a company. He did it across the board during his maladministration and one of his worst appointments came in the form of Louis DeJoy.

DeJoy’s job is to destroy the USPS to the extent possible. No, that’s not the official job description. It’s just the understood job description as presented by America-hating Republicans. DeJoy is a saboteur. He owns a shipping company called ‘New Breed Logistics’ and he’s one of those guys who understood that the Post Office did a better job at a lower cost than ANY of the competing shipping companies. Private companies simply cannot compete with government operations on any level. Private companies are less efficient, more expensive, and provide worse service – every time. The lean, mean business machine model is just a lie. They CAN’T get better at what they do so the private companies and their enablers do everything they can to sabotage the government, instead.

In DeJoy’s case, he has done excellent work undermining the USPS. Starting October 1 of this year, we all got treated to the information that – due to his never-ending, keep your eye on the prize determination – first class mail across the country would now be moving slower. He has done nothing to improve the mail service and everything he can to harm it but there he sits. I, for one, will not be surprised when he announces he’s eliminating trucks and planes and returning to the Pony Express slowing the mail even further.

It’s weird. Biden can’t do anything about it. Apparently, this is because Postmaster General used to be a political plum Presidents could use to reward supporters and Congress thought that was a bad thing so they wrote a law changing the way things work. NOW, the President can only appoint members to a Board of Governors and hope they do the right thing for the country. Sadly, the current board consists of Dumbass appointees so we KNOW they won’t do the right thing for the country. They HATE this country.

There ARE currently, three vacancies. Filling those vacancies would give Democrats a technical 5-4 majority but at least one of those is a DINO appointed by the dumbass. So, we appear to be stuck with DeJoy for the foreseeable future. The damage inflicted on the US by the Republicans is ongoing.

It really sucks, watching this once-great nation being brought to it’s knees by choice and by moneyed interests. Greed kills…


So…Rudy Giuliani has now acknowledged that he got some of the “evidence” he used in court to disrupt American democracy from social media pages like Facebook. According to ‘Business Insider,’ he admitted it under oath during a deposition being taken for a lawsuit from one of the victims of his baseless allegations. He thinks only a “terrible lawyer” would try to find out if the stories he was repeating were actually true. How do I know? He said, “I would have to have been a terrible lawyer… gee, let’s go find out it’s untrue.” I have never attended law school but I think he’s wrong. Lawyers aren’t supposed to present frivolous information in court, which obliges them to find out if things are true if being presented as evidence. I may be wrong about that, but Giuliani is now suspended from the bar in New York because he kept marching into court with frivolous information he couldn’t verify.

Will this revelation have ANY effect on the true believers? No. They’ll never even know it happened. It often surprises me when I’m talking with cons, the things they don’t know. Corrupting the independent media in America was a masterstroke by the one percent…

2 thoughts on “Exposition of Guilt…

  1. I keep waiting for the day when Trump and his bullshit will stop f**king with my life. I’m 64. Starting to think I’m never see the justice I crave or the reprieve I keep hoping for.

    Good piece, Mark

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