Compassion and Not…

There’s a story attributed to noted Anthropologist Margaret Mead in which she’s asked at a lecture what she thought was the first sign of civilization. Apparently, the student thought she would say something about the development of arrow heads or pottery but she answered that she considered the first sign of civilization to be a femur she had found that had been broken and healed. The story claims she displayed the bone as she was talking about it. She said that evidence of recovering from broken bones was never found in the remains of competitive, savage societies. There, clues of violence abounded: temples pierced by arrows, skulls crushed by clubs. But the healed femur showed that someone must have cared for the injured person – hunted on his behalf, brought him food, and served him at personal sacrifice.

It should be noted that the story cannot be verified. It first appeared in 1980 but Ms. Mead died in 1978 and was never asked about it. No verifiable evidence has ever been discovered to support the story. But I think it persists because it sounds right. It suggests human compassion indicated the beginnings of civilization. But if you think about it, a badly broken bone would have had to be set – a process likely beyond the knowledge of proto-civilization peoples. If the bone had only cracked, it’s possible the guy just toughed it out until the thing knitted. Still, it’s a nice story.

Civilized nations around the world provide care and support for their disabled citizens. The United States pretends to, also. Here, disabled people who can’t work are often provided a stipend. It’s little more than a national conscience salve. It’s nowhere NEAR enough to live on and – the US being the US – if a disabled person does find a way to make a little money, the stipend is immediately garnished for 50% of whatever was earned. Punishment built right into the system. Standard operating procedure in the US: make sure the downtrodden STAY down…

Here’s something you might not know: it’s expensive to be disabled in this predatory nation. Disabled individuals are a captive market and there’s NOTHING capitalists love more than a captive market. The profit margins are amazing! Disabilities often require supportive equipment. The equipment requires maintenance – expensive maintenance. Housing is an extra challenge. Stairs in a potential rental, for example, may seem like an obvious impediment to housing and they are. But if your wheelchair is 28 inches wide, you can’t live in a house with a 26 inch doorway into the bathroom thus limiting one’s housing options even further.

The point is, there are a LOT of hidden costs to being disabled and they are just exploited in this once-great nation. If caring for the disabled is the first sign of civilization in a society, what is preying upon the disabled considered?


These days, I find myself wondering how long the Pro-Covid-19 crowd is going to be able to keep their beloved virus in play. They’ve nursed it through Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma, and Omicron variants and they seem intent on keeping the thing alive as long as possible. So far, the virus supporters have kept the thing alive FAR longer than I would have guessed. We’re going into year three of this thing and, man, am I getting sick of it. Well, no. I’m trying NOT to get sick from it. The anti-mask, anti-vax crowd, however, they just want this thing to go on and on. At least, that’s my read from their behavior.

From the moment the Feckless Fuckup allowed the virus to run rampant through our society, thinking people probably should have known we were facing a long, drawn-out process. We didn’t, though. Despite the rhetoric, we thought people would wear masks to protect those around them and we all waited while science dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on the vaccine. Once available, smart people thought everyone would line up, get the jab, and tamp the virus down, leaving it no suitable hosts. It was, simply, the responsible, adult thing to do.

Truth? It never crossed my mind that contrarian conservatives might be Pro Covid. Donnie the Dumbass lied to his sycophants. HE secretly took the vaccine then told them not to do the same. They dutifully refused the vaccine and continue to whine and bitch about wearing masks. (Apparently, doing the right thing infringes on their freedumb…) On the upside, the vast majority of people dying these days from the virus they deny are the same contrarian conservatives who refused to do the right thing in the first place. In a remarkably stunning development, they’re actually culling themselves from society. Quite the service, actually. Thank you. On the downside, though, they’re STILL overwhelming the medical system and their refusal to act like adults is STILL killing people who tried to do the right thing. There are regular stories in the press about people having health crises and dying because they can’t get into hospitals overwhelmed by the Pro Covid crowd.

It took well over a year before CheetoJesus finally confessed he had duped the rubes. He told them that not only did he get the vaccine, he’s had boosters and hinted that maybe they should do the same. They booed him. I imagine that if he maintains support for vaccination, his “CheetoJesus” status will be in jeopardy and he’ll be back to just being the standard Orange Moron. I DO wonder just how many of the Pro Covid ranks have received the vaccine in secret and just keep shouting to stay in with their crowd but so many of them are dying these days, the numbers can’t be that great.

It’s a natural fact that the very BEST way to get a conservative to understand a thing is for them to experience the thing personally. For many, though, experiencing their Pro Covid stance often leaves them unable to repent, being dead and all. There are many stories in the news about Pro Covid members begging for the vaccine as they lay dying in the hospital. Too late. I’ve seen stories where some dying of Covid, continue to insist that they’re NOT dying from Covid. Stubbornly stupid to the literal end. Some younger, healthier people will survive it, only to find themselves “long-haulers,” a secondary condition science is STILL trying to work out.

But the point is, Covid-19 and it’s various mutations are NOT going away so long as we have a Pro Covid crowd out there nurturing the virus. They just keep insisting the virus will run it’s course and disappear, mentally impervious to the reality that some huge number of people are going to have to die to bring it to pass – or that they may well be in that number. (812,083 deaths in the US so far as of December 29, 2021.) Meanwhile, the rest of us are going to have to keep our masks handy and keep getting the various boosters until the Pro Covid crowd either grows up or dies off and that’s going to take awhile…

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