Death, Lies, and Videotape…


Twelve times, as of May 28, 2022. Twelve. That’s how many times the Uvalde, Texas police have changed their story about what happened in their town on May 24. When all is said and done, there’s only one true story: “We were too scared.” That’s a real blow to the decades of “tough-guy image” they had built for themselves, in their own minds, so they have to come up with a cover story. One cover story doesn’t hold up so they come up with another. Then another. Then another. The one story they’re not likely to tell is the true one, “We were too scared.”

I’ll bet the mother who went into the school and rescued her children and some others, was scared, too. She did it, though. Oh, and SHE wasn’t wearing any body armor, like the cops were. Neither was the shooter, apparently. In fact, ALL of the parents trying to go into the school and do the job the cops were refusing to do were likely scared.

At some point, the cops started blocking parents from going in. That mother who actually got in? She had been briefly held in handcuffs by the cops to try and stop her. It didn’t stop her. So everyone stood outside the classroom and listened as round after round after round was fired off. Sorry for the euphemism. What I meant was, child after child after child was murdered.

So, quick question. If the cops are refusing to take action and physically preventing anyone else from taking action, aren’t they – de facto – protecting the shooter? I think the answer is yes. I don’t just want to see the entire Uvalde police force replaced. I want to see those cowardly weasels stand trial for aiding and abetting a mass murder…


The quiet part, out loud
Of course, there’s a part to this we all know but aren’t allowed to say. Nothing is going to happen as a result of this. Oh, sure, there will be lots of talk – “explanations,” excuses, blame, finger-pointing, obfuscation, deflection, and the ever useless, ‘thoughts and prayers’ – but NO action. Republican politicians know shootings like this are good for business. Every time one happens, someone, somewhere says, “We need to get rid of guns” and the conservatives run with it. Then the mini-minded rush out and buy a few more guns, just in case THIS time, it turns out to be true. Since the only, true, reality, to the Republican Congress Critters is ‘good for business,’ they just really don’t see the need to adjust anything or make any changes. After all, they’re perfectly safe!

The part we’re not allowed to say? Republicans in Congress will absolutely take action once their reality changes – once they, themselves, become the targets of ongoing active shooters on a regular basis. That sentence, as written will be enough (likely) to get me thrown into Facebook jail and MAY warrant a visit from suited agents in big, black SUV’s checking to see if I’m dangerous to the Congress critters. Am I making a threat? No. Do I intend harm? No. Still, one can’t even SAY it, when it comes to Congress critters but we all have to live it when it’s anybody – everybody – else.

I’m not threatening, encouraging, or even endorsing putting Republican politicians in the crosshairs. I’m merely pointing out that the only thing that changes a stubborn Republican’s wrongheaded mind is an invasion of reality and even THAT doesn’t always work. Steve Scalise got shot at a Republican softball practice. He’s still VERY pro-killer. But he was “only” shot in the hip. Gabby Giffords, on the other hand, took a bullet to the head. She survived but has updated her position on guns.

‘I hope he gets his’ is a very human reaction, borne mostly of frustration. As Republicans in Congress refuse to budge on this issue (as with so many issues they refuse to confront), people begin to believe that the only thing that will get anything done is experience – we hope they get theirs, sooner rather than later. It’s a horrifying place to be. If the only thing that will prompt action by Conservatives in Congress is for them or their families to get shot to pieces, then so be it. But we can’t say so in this once-great, submerging nation. We’ll all THINK it. We’ll say it privately, to one another – because we all know it’s true. But we can’t say so publicly. Even the appearance of a threat to these pampered little pricks is enough to draw attention from law enforcement or removal from social media.

Side note to law enforcement: save the gas. I’m not a threat. I have no intention of shooting anyone. I’m not threatening, nor attempting to incite. I’m simply writing and publishing what everyone knows and, because everyone knows it, sooner or later, some angry, frustrated person is going to do it. That will be a shame but at least the “well-regulated” part of the Second Amendment will suddenly be understood – even by the Republicans…