That bitch, Moscow Mitch McConnell is out – in public – pretending he wants to get a bi-partisan bill done on guns. He doesn’t, though. To paraphrase, he says he ‘wants something that addresses the issues surrounding the events’ or some such crap. What he means is more of the same old nothing. Thoughts and prayers, codified. He wants to address doors and cops on campus and maybe mental health care. Now, I’d give him doors if he would actually do the mental health care but he won’t. It’s all part of the show. None of them are going to do anything.

While we’re here, I had a thought about those doors. Turns out, the murder-endorsing GOP is exactly backward about the doors. The problem isn’t too many doors. It’s too few. If every classroom in every school in America had it’s own door that led to the outside, like a fire door with an panic bar inside and no handle on the outside, when the crazy, GOP-enabled, angry little coward came in the main door, everyone inside could run out their individual classroom doors. So, not fewer doors. More doors. LOTS more doors. Hardened, of course. Some schools are multi-story so you’ll have to add staircases. We could call them firing-line escapes.

Mitch seems all on board on the door thing so I’m sure we can get our Keystone Kongress to authorize the money. The wage thieves have made clear they have no intention of paying their fair share of taxes so it will have to come from someplace else. I recommend a fee on every gun sale. Just a little add-on for school hardening. Let’s say, 20%, so a $900 AR-15 would be $1,080. You think that’s going to stop anybody from buying them? No. Gun sales in this country are brisk and – thanks to the GOP – will likely remain brisk. The money could be raised in no time at all.

I mean, look, since Americans are too weak to protect our own effing children, we should at least give the little buggers an even chance to make a break…

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