Close Calls…

According to the Guardian, Apple workers in Maryland have voted to join a union. It’s good to see unions making a comeback. Some time ago, many, if not most, manufacturing jobs were moved overseas to save money for the company. We started hearing about the “good jobs” leaving. But they weren’t the good jobs because of what they were making. They were good jobs because they were union jobs. Of course, St. Reagan had launched a war against unions and for quite some time, they were smeared as bad, greedy entities by, ironically, the bad, greedy companies that wanted them out. But unions are just labor organizing to protect itself from the vagaries of CEO greed whims. To me, the BEST thing about their return is that the wage-thieves had turned this country into a “service-based” economy by shipping manufacturing overseas. But they can’t ship services overseas.

I know, the people who don’t understand things tend to argue that the companies will just automate. I suspect that’s true. But I suspect that’s true whether the employees are union or not – just as soon as the companies can trust the automation will function properly and that people will accept it. (They’re certainly NOT keeping employees around out of altruism.)

I’ll tell you this: the workforce needs a break and unions will provide it…


Wow, that was close. The toadies – euphemistically called “lawmakers” – who represent the wage-thieves (and no one else) came perilously close to having to do something about guns in this once-great nation. It’s like, every time a group of very young children gets cut to ribbons by some nutball able to grab a military style weapon at a moment’s notice, people get all upset and the pressure builds on our Keystone Kongress to do something. So they do. They dither and blather. They give us a song and dance. They make a great show of being very serious people who intend to do very serious things. Then they retreat back into their hidey-holes to wait out the storm. (They have MUCH safer spaces than the children trying to become invisible under a desk.)

This one went on a little longer than the others but, in the end, came to a nice, quiet finish. Well, unless you’re a parent of one of the Uvalde victims. Or one of the Sandy Hook Victims. Or Marjorie Stoneman Douglas victims. Or one of the many other shootings this country endures on a near-daily basis now. It will never end for them.

In this case, though, the outrage went on so long, the corrupt congress critters may even have to do a bill. Based on past results, I’d say it will be CALLED the bi-partisan “No More Guns Forever” Bill but only require gun sellers to offer a stern look at gun buyers and say, “You be careful with this” in a very serious tone.

I’ll tell you this: I expect gun rights advocates to start screaming about “infringements of their rights” in 3, 2, 1…


I’ve been watching the January 6th commission present their findings. It’s absolutely clear to anybody watching that Donald J. Trump engaged in treason. That’s why the cons won’t watch and, instead, wait for the conservative bubble to offer up their “massaged” versions of events – if they say anything at all. The Orange Moron made every effort he could to overthrow our government – including inciting violence and attacking the United States Congress. But trump is proven schemer. He’s not a smart man, per se, but he has a certain flair for evil. Oh, AND he’s a coward. (It’s relevant. I’m not just calling him names…)

So…one watches the commission reports and realizes trump’s guilt is complete and that a long jail sentence seems inevitable – for John Eastman. Wait. What?!? Yeah, Eastman is the toady who gave the dumbass what he wanted; an excuse, no matter how flimsy (and, unwittingly, a patsy). Eastman played point man behind the scenes. Eastman is the person who kept making phone calls trying to corrupt the process – even after admitting that the plan had no merit, no veracity, and no legal basis. Eastman kept trying various angles, even AFTER the Trump Insurrection.

Sure, he did it all at the behest of the Dumbass. Eastman wasn’t leading the parade, trumpery was. But Eastman was the face of the scheme behind the scenes. That’s the “coward” part. Trump NEVER fights his own battles (beyond Twitter). He sends people in, people who can be tossed aside as needed. People who will take the fall for him should things go not according to plan. Every thinking American knows trump is as guilty as it gets. But we’re STILL hearing about how we just can’t send an ex-president to jail because it would destabilize our entire country. So? Goodbye John Eastman. You’re a fool who believed in trumpery and now you get to take his punishment for him…

Pardon me?
In a kind of dove-tail to Eastman’s quandary, something else came out about several of the murder supporting GOP’s members who stick by trumpery anyway. After the coup attempt failed, they all (John Eastman included) ran to trump and requested pardons (likely, the pardons trumpery had promised if they went along with his scheme), knowing they could be liable for their parts in the effort. Mostly, trump didn’t comply. It’s possible that’s just normal trumpery. He got all angry that his coup failed and blamed everyone around him and decided to punish them for their failures. He’s a small-minded, petty little man and that kind of retribution is right up his alley. I suspect something else, though.

It’s just my opinion but I think that was more evil trumpery-scheming. See, as long as those guys might be facing prosecution, they have no choice but to try to return Donnie the Dumbass to the Oval Office in the hopes that he’ll provide them pardons later. As an example, during his 2022 re-election bid, co-conspirator Mo Brooks (R, Al) made the mistake of trying to change the subject from the 2020 election. He didn’t back down on the Big Lie, just tried to change the subject. Trump slapped him down by withdrawing his endorsement. Mo won’t be getting any pardons from trump. Mo WILL be a cautionary tale to the GOP weasels who tried to help him thrash the Constitution, though; toe the line or find someone else to pardon you…

I’ll tell you this: Donnie the Dumbass manipulates the weakest of minds with the greatest of ease…

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