We Never Learn…

In fairness, I kind of wish the pro-choice crowd would stop characterizing the recent, badly decided Dobbs decision as an attack on “poor women and women of color.” The second part, the “women of color” part, is all about emotionalism. In fact, Dobbs will harm poor people of any and all colors. A woman of color with resources will do the same thing a white woman with resources will do; they’ll go to a smart state, obtain the service they need, then go back to their hater state and talk about their “vacation.”

As a sidebar, if my information is correct, I kind of feel sorry for Dr. Thomas Dobbs, Mississippi’s top public health official. His name is on this hateful ruling only because of his job and that’s fairly common practice. It was Mississippi’s horrendous legislature who passed the law that started all of this. Dr. Dobbs has actually spent most of his time in his current job trying to reduce infant mortality, an effort that will surely take a huge step backwards now that Roe has been reversed. Hell, even Roe was a pseudonym. But the verbal and written shorthand for this disastrous choice will become, simply, Dobbs – forever linking him with the social carnage sure to follow…

Anyway, I would be remiss not to mention that black women – even if they have resources – already have worse outcomes in child bearing and childbirth but I suspect that has FAR more to do with good ole’ American systemic, institutional racism than anything else. (Keyword: suspect. I’m no doctor.) The United States already has the worst infant mortality rate of any wealthy nation on the planet (thanks, cons) and women of color already bear a heavier burden to that fact that white women. So, now that ALL poor women will be forced to suffer whatever pregnancy slings and arrows life may present to them, it makes perfect sense that the rates for women of color will increase disproportionately. It’s the American way…

I’ll tell you this: it should not be a punishable offense to be poor in this once-great nation but, of course, afflicting the afflicted is national sport for the cons. The more suffering they can dole out, the happier they are – especially if they can harm someone “in Jesus’ name…”

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