Fraudulent Hypotheses…

Did you see where Moscow Mitch thinks Joe Six-pack is still living high on the hog with those fat stimulus checks? Listen, I’ll celebrate the day the man dies but I’ve never seen anything from him that suggests he’s THAT stupid or even THAT out of touch. He’s just your basic, average, run-of-the-mill liar. He needs something to say about our failing economy, some excuse, so he pretends he thinks Americans are still living on the stimulus checks. I doubt he actually believes it, though…


In a related bit, California is apparently sending out inflation rebate checks. The idea is to reduce the damage to struggling families from the price gouging of the large companies. I don’t like it. (Well, of course I’ll take the check. I just don’t like it.) I know the people could use an assist but this ain’t it. To me, it seems like they’re setting up a little pipeline of money from government into private companies via the masses. The problem is price gouging. If the government can’t/won’t step up to stop it, the rebate will help, like, on a one-time basis and then the struggle just persists. Meanwhile, the corporations will smell all that sweet, sweet money and raise their prices MORE, knowing there are a couple of pennies out there that still might be shaken free.

I think it would be FAR more effective for the government to start breaking up monopolies. For all of California’s talk about going green and reducing carbon, we still have a huge number of oil wells. California should take a page from Alaska and force the companies to pay a fee to the citizens of the state for drilling, like they do in oh-so-conservative Alaska. Hey, we could force companies to pay a living wage! See? Three ideas, all better than simply sending money to the extortionists via the citizens – and I haven’t even set my mind to it, yet…


A woman in Plano, Tx was pulled over for driving in the HOV lane with no passenger. She pointed out to the officer who stopped her that she is 34 weeks pregnant and, according to Texas law, her unborn child is a person and therefore, she wasn’t breaking the rules. The cop cited her, anyway, because according to OTHER Texas laws, the baby doesn’t count as a person. But he told her she might well win in court if she used that argument to fight the ticket. See ladies? It’s not going to be all that bad, after all. If nothing else, you and your rapist’s baby get to use the HOV lane…


This is just a quick question. These activist judges are pretending that their rulings make sense of some kind by professing a fraudulent hypothesis called originalism or strict contructionism. IF THEY TRULY BELIEVED THEIR OWN BULLSH–, I mean ‘rhetoric,’ wouldn’t Thomas – a black man – and Coney Barrett – a woman – have to resign their positions immediately? According to their own professed belief system, they’re property, not people. They have no right to sit on any court. Actually, they have no rights at all! You know…that is, if they believe the words coming out of their own mouths…


Cons are up in arms that Brett Kavanaugh, one of the kangaroos on the “way-too-high court,” is being harassed by people when he dines out. Apparently, that interferes with his privacy. He ate at a steakhouse called ‘Morton’s’ and had to sneak out the back door because of protestors. Now, Morton’s itself is under assault by people making fake reservations. If it was up to me, I’d like to see people put them out of business along with any OTHER place that caters to the kangaroos. Cons hate all of this and I suppose if I was a supporter of Christofascism, I’d hate it, too. But I’m not and I don’t. I like the idea. I hope all of the kangaroos – and their families – live the rest of their days sneaking from place to place for fear of facing the consequences of their enforced preferences.

The Supremely Kangaroo Court made a poor decision based on personal preference and religious beliefs – certainly not based on the Constitution. Millions of people (not just the women but the newly forced families as well) will suffer every day for the rest of their lives because of these activist assholes and I see no reason why the people who made that happen – and their families – shouldn’t suffer every day in exactly the same way.


Those idiots on the Court also ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency has no authority to, you know, protect the environment. They pretended that if Congress doesn’t vote on a specific thing, it’s not really a thing. If you’re a person who prefers to understand things, here’s why that’s wrong: Congress sets up and empowers agencies to carry out certain tasks, specifically so that Congress doesn’t HAVE to vote or become expert on every single detail of every single issue.

Think about getting Congress to agree on an environmental issue. Mush-heads like Jim Inhofe (R, of course) think climate change is fake because he can still find snow. Just think of the number of (conservative) congress critters who aren’t even qualified to tie their own shoes, let alone make decisions about complex environmental issues they couldn’t possibly understand. (Hell, they’re not allowed to…) Of course, that’s the point the cons are aiming at: kneecap government by pretending Congressional Agencies don’t have any authority.

I’ll tell you this: As a group, human beings are an incredibly stupid, self-destructive species. I don’t mean to be dark, here, but it was a VERY long shot that we would ever pull together enough to do the right things to address the danger we face from climate change, in the first place, but this particular choice by the kangaroos is pretty much a death sentence for all of humanity.

But hey, with the expected acceleration of climate change, at least Kavanaugh and his kangaroo cohorts won’t have to worry about sneaking out of restaurants for too much longer…

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